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Is there a strip club on the Royal Caribbean ship, Freedom of the Seas?

According to a Wikipedia article, yes. However, it says nothing about it on the RC website. Anyone who has traveled on this ship care to comment? I mean, if you can surf, golf, box, and ice skate on board, I don't see why there couldn't be a strip club... ( )

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agree with the others, wiki is not a creditable soruce as people can post things there.

RC is a family line, and strip clubs are unheard of... RC wouldnt have this on freedom or any of their ships.

Sure, they do. They also have a special area on the rear of the ship where they have set up a coupla reproductions of sleazy bars (complete with sleeping homeless people over "steam vents"). There are "gangs" selling "drugs" hanging under the artifical street lamp and, to complete the atmosphere, they have "run-by shootings"....they haven't figured out how so simulate "drive-bys" yet.

And hookers? Oh yeah. They have the "ladies of the night" and "crack whor**" who are actually employees who are new with the cruiseline. When you approach them, they will sell you lollipops and tequila shooters. It's not quite the same but - it is the atmosphere, after all.

NO! They don't have strip clubs on any cruise ship departing or docking at U.S. ports.

Yeah, you got it right. Wikipedia is always right on everything since anyone can add anything they want.

Strip club is on the ship; your cabin stewardess does topless lap dances for you each night; the captain steers the ship in the nude; and endless, free liquor is available 24/7.

Mildred S
i think there is a topless sunning deck ? for women ? men can join. it's not a strip club like for men or women ?

the norweigan has a ship n dales . the male waiters strip down / not fully nude for the ladies cocktail party. i do not know of anything offered for the men.

there are some cruises that are all nude / do not know which ones or what weeks they are offered . sounds disgusting to me. most people that want to go nude / really shouldn't. lol.

Zef H
I was on the Freedom of the Seas at the end of June 2007. There is no strip club on the Freedom of the Seas or any other Royal Caribbean ship.

curious connie
No. I have sailed with RCL and four other cruise lines and none had strip clubs. I don't think you will find one on any cruise line. People put all sorts of misinformation on wikipedia.

♣Mǝfiǝ Girl♣
No way. I was on the freedom of the seas 3 months back and never saw anything like that. No chance. MG

yes, u can

TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
I went of the Freedom last November and I looked all over the ship and could not find a place like that. Take the advice of the people who respond who have actually been on the ship, like me!!

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