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What's the closest cruise ports near indiana??

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Philadelphia - cruises leave from there to go to Bermuda. We went last year. Nice port.
Other then that - New York City - or Florida.

Zef H
The closest full time port is probably New York. However, sometimes there are cruises that leave out of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Norfolk.

Moving a bit further, Charleston is also a part time cruise port, while Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans and Galveston are full time cruise ports.

Of course Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer cruising year round, as does Los Angles and San Diego. During the summer Seattle and Vancouver, Canada also have cruise ships.

There are also cruises offered on the Great Lakes and there are river cruises. Both of these will have ports that are very close to Indiana.

I've heard of some good cruises that leave out of NYC and Bayonne, New Jersey. I think Carnival and Royal Caribbean leave out of those two ports.

Probably Miami.

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