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What is the attire for the captain's dinner on the Carnival Ecstasy?

We are going to Cozumel leaving Thanksgiving Day and would like to know how formal is formal? Can the guys get away with nice slacks and a dress shirt? Or is it required that they have a jacket and tie? Will they turn you away if the attire is not followed? What is the weather going to be like?

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Cocktail dresses for women and at least a jacket and tie for men. I have seen many people with long gowns and tux's but they are not required. In the 6 i have been on the dress i buy for New Years Eve is a good choice. I'm not sure you'd be turned away but look at it as a way to dress up and have fun

you can get away with it, but make it fun have a nice jacket to go with those nice slacks and dress shirt.

I miss the days when people used to dress for occasions like going to church or going on an airplane. Make it fun enjoy it. it's not like you haveto wear it all the time just for 1 dinner.

very fancy..

suit and tie for the gentlemen and a dress or even a ball gown is not too much

It's cocktail dresses or formal dresses for the ladies, and tuxedos, jacket and & for the men.

Many dress up in 'high style' and others just wear a 'Sunday dress or coat and tie, and are just fine.

If you WANT to dress up, the ship will rent you the clothes you need and you won't have to take up the room in your luggage.

You'll find that everyone interprets 'formal night' and 'captain's dinner' differently, and you'll see people dressed either very simply in black and blues, or older folks in long dressed, jewelry, hats, and men in tuxedos. Younger ones often wear a long black skirt (of any material) and a comfortable blouse that looks nice.

I worried on my first cruise, but learned quickly 'not to worry'.
Carry a black skirt and shiny blouse for a lady, or a suit/sports jacket WITH tie for the gentleman and you'll be JUST FINE! a brand new group wanting to plan singles cruises for 2008-2012 !! I'm going to join to meet others and someone to potentially share a cabin to cut expenses! (I'm single.)

formal dress should be worn for dinner , especially the captains dinner. See for specific requirements.

you have a mixture some people go with the suit & tie and the ball gowns and some go with the simple but elegant dress and dress shirt and slacks. you don't have to worry they will not turn you away. with regards to the weather it is usually nice and sunny but be sure to check weather reports to see if anything is brewing in the tropics(hurricanes that is)

Bob W
My understanding is, if you don't care to take a coat and tie, you can dine else where on the ship. Captain dinners are not as great as packing an extra pair of shorts and another flower shirt.

Unfortunately the weather that night will be a hurricane named: Windy! : )

Kate T.
no I do believe a tux is in order or a suit and tie . yes they will turn you away without proper attire. good luck .

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