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What type of security do you pass thru when taking a cruise?

Is it the same as an airport full body scan and lugage x ray. Drug sniffing dogs anything like that.

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Barkley Hound
I just returned from a 2 week cruised to Hawaii. At San Pedro they have the same security as at an airport. When you board the ship a photo is taken which is tied to your cruise card. When you leave the ship at any port the cruise card is checked. When returning you pass through at least 4 checkpoints where you show the cruise card and a photo ID. There is also at least 1 airport type scanner. In Mexico there were 2. There are drug sniffing dogs when you return to the last port that check the luggage.

I can definitely say that nothing was checked at the final port except using the sniffing dogs. Immigration took 1 second with a glance at the passport. Customs checked nothing. They only took the declaration form and did not even look at it.

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No dogs but everything else that you mentioned. When you come back from an island there are metal detector things you walk through that look exactly the same as an airports. They also have to scan your bags that your bringing on to make sure you aren't sneaking anything. I wanted to bring a cocnut back, but they noticed it through the X-ray and I had to get rid of it. So dont try to sneak anything on! :-)

TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
I have been on more than 20 cruises from many ports around the US and in Europe. When you board the ship your luggage is loaded by ship's staff and scanned the same as at the airport. Then you and everything you carry on goes through the same type security as at airports. They will have a conveyor belt for your carry on bags and everything else you are carrying and then you'll walk through the same type metal detector as at the airport.

When you return from your cruise your luggage is off loaded first and spread out in the cruise terminal or on a conveyor belt (depending upon the terminal). The Customs and Immigration officials do at some cruise terminals use dogs to sniff luggage before you are allowed off the ship. They walk the dogs through the rows of luggage pretty quickly so it does not take long. I have been through some ports that do not use dogs; but you cannot predict exactly when they will or will not use them.

I have also been on cruises and when in port some islands that are known for drugs have had drug dogs outside of the ship when passangers were coming back on.
A few years ago I know a family that was coming back on the ship and there kids were pulled aside and strip searched. the parents had to give them all of the money they had on them to get them to let their kids go.
Be aware some places like Mexico and Jamaica have dealers working with the police. The dealers let them know who they sell to then ther police will nab you, dealer gets the drugs back and you pay dearly to keep from getting in trouble. Is this really worth it.

Kevin L
All of the above.

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