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Where is the closesest port to Atlanta, GA?

I want to find a close port that has ROYAL CARIBBEAN ships. I know there aren't any in GA but where are the closest ports? Thanks. I only want ports that have A royal caribbean port. Thanks!

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The closest to GA would be Charleston, SC where Norwegian and Carnival run cruises most of the year; or Port Canaveral, Florida where Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival have a year long schedule of cruises.

You will have more options at Port Canaveral and better ships to cruise on also. Royal Caribbean has two ships sailing out of Port Canaveral, the Sovereign of the Seas (doing 3 & 4 night cruises) and the Mariner of the Seas (doing 7 day cruises).

We cruised out of Port Canaveral last year on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas and that's a very nice ship and cruise. The RC's Mariner of the Seas does cruises every week to the Eastern or Western Caribbean. I do recommend cruising on it.

You can drive to Port Canaveral in about 8 hours and its about 500 miles from Atlanta. Parking at the port for a cruise is $84 a week, payable in advance by cash or credit card. The parking lot is right in front of the cruise terminal; you just drop your luggage, park and board the ship.

probably the closest one would be in Florida, fort lauderdale?

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I think Cape Canaveral. Florida (SP?)

Check the cruise line and they will tell you where the ports are.

We went out from there on Carnival, and I know Disney was there also.


The closest RCCL cruise port to Atlanta is Port Canaveral Florida, but they also sail from Galveston Texas, Norfolk Virginia, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa Florida.

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they are all wrong - tampa is closer than port canaveral. However, you didn't say when you wanted to go - the ships are only in tampa during the winter months

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