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Will my cell phone have service on an Alaskan cruise?

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I live in Juneau. You have to constantly check for roaming areas, especially through Canada waters, you'll see the name ROGERS on your phone. They charge more but not that terrible unless you are a compulsive talker!

On land, Cingular is the best. Others might have roaming charges. Although TMobile is doing good also. Sprint is expensive.

While in Juneau, if you need to make calls come to my store Majestic Gems!! It is right on dock C.

Happy Cruising!!

Ask your cruise line. I think they provide service on the ship.
Last year in Alaska my friends had no service in Alaska, I had no problems where the net was available.

Mrs. B.
You will have to ask your cell phone service provider & ask what your plan covers as far as roaming charges. Ask them if they have a tower in the area of Alaska where you will be, if not you won't have service there no matter what you try.

Yes, but the service charges from your cell phone company might be through the roof. A good option for you to consider might be to use e-mail. Most if not all cruise lines these days have a computer/Internet room where you can send e-mails or keep in touch with work if need be. This will be less expensive than using your cell phone.

Happy Travels!

Unless there are those familiar looking cellular towers that we see going down the there will be no service. YOu will be lucky to get service when on the ground. There are places all over the continent that do not have the best celllular service...

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