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Are there many Iranian (Persian) people in Sweden?

Are there many of them? What is the general attitude of Swedes to Iranians in their country? What are your experiences with them? Are they more successful than other immigrant groups, or less successful than other immigrant groups?

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sparrow man
I'm not Sweden citizen but I know there are more than 70.000 Persian people who living in Sweden. now you can count, according to Sweden population! sincerely!

Hey,I have no idea ...but when i was backpacking i met a lovely iranian girl who had been studying in Sweden for years ...she said it was a great experience and that she loved it and would recommend studying in sweden.

I'm not sure how many of them there are, but there are some. Hard to say anything about the general attitude, since I haven't exatly seen any surveys or anything like that done on persians as an own group. My own experience of persions is very positive. They keep their own heritage close at heart, but they still are curious and eager to learn about swedish traditions and wanting to adapt to the swedish society. Once again, I haven't seen any numbers or stats or anything like that, but my personal guess (based on my own experiences) is that persians are more succesful than other immigrant groups. Simply because they are eager to learn the language, the traditions, to adapt etc. Many other ethnic groups have a tendancy to group together and kind of stick to their own kind and speak their own language, and never really manage to get into the swedish society that well.

Born to be...
I'm Iranian and I live in Sweden. It sucks big time. I hate everything about Sweden. And most Iranians here are all about party, alcohol and sex. I don't like it at all. They are so out of touch with Iran it's hard to even consider them Iranian.... If you are looking for some great Iranian diasporas, I would say Iranians in England and UAE are really good.

Tylle Steinmetz
There are many. Many many many. More iraqis than iranians though. Iranians are generally nice people with some exclutions. The women are nicer than the men. My experience, both good and bad. Mostly bad with the men, and mostly good with the women. The christian iranians are more successful since they tend to integrate a lot easier, while muslims stay with the other muslims, in the suburbs, were their sons often get soaked up in gang culture, criminality and sometimes religious radicalism. Im sure most of em regret moving here though.

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