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Manhattan Guy

Can we drink water directly from the tap in Belgium?

Is it safe to drink water directly from the water faucet in Brussels? It won't give you a bad defect when you get older at all?
Additional Details
I ask about tap water -specifically- in Brussels City.
Thx 4 ur responds.

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Sure you can!
The quality of the water is superb! They even say it's better to drink tap water than to drink always bottle water since the bottled water is filtered of chalk and stuff...

It is safe to drink tap water in Belgium; I survived it since 60years. But I prefer our Belgium Beers... best of the world.

I don't see a reason why not

Water quality in Western Europe (including Belgium) is very good. Drink up.

carla l
Sure no problem.

Tap water is absolutely safe to drink in Brussels but you need to ensure that your house's water tank and plumbing system are in good shape and no contaminants can seep in.

Happy Feet
One of the best in the world! so get drunk!

absolutely. Any of the countries who are part of the European Union have to follow very similar standards to our own, and of course Belgium is not only in the EU but has the headquarters there as well

i did for about 5 years nothing happened to me
of course if you wouldnt tie it to the fact i m Turkish.
so Hell yes

I hope you can, depends on the location of the tap. If it's too difficult, just use a glass, hold it under the tap and drink it from the glass. As long as you do not break the glass and swallow it you will get no defect, neither now nor when you get older.
The strange taste of the water in Europe may be because it does not include any chemicals as you might be used to. So don't get nervous, that's the taste of fresh water.
Of course you also can buy water in a shop. They usually take it from the tap and put it into bottles...

Chantal D.
Hello, Wait a minute!
Not all the tap water is good here in Belgium!!!
Tap water is only good in Belgium in following erea:The Arden's(like Spa yes very good water!), then the Nord of Belgium:Brasschaat.
Very bad:Brussels and Antwerp a cat prefer here rainwater instead of water of the tap that says enough isn't?
Also the man of the water company was surprised and told the water should be good put it in a bottle in the fridge after 24 hours.
I did this and still very bad and it stinks....yes a other scandal here in Belgium.
So no don't drink it!
By the way why you think Belgium sells so many bottles of water(Spa/Evian/Vittel etc....) in shops/supermarkets? Just becaus the tapwater is very bad that's it!

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