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Do most Turkish people have dark skin?

This map shows that Turkish people have the same skin color as middle easterners.

Do you think its accurate that Turkish people look similar to Middle Eastererns?

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Ipek K
We come in all colors, shapes and .. sizes , dear ;)

What do you mean exactly when you say "dark skin" ?

Turkey is a melting pot and there are blond people, red hair with freckles, even black people, people with slit eyes (looking almost like Chinese), European type (like Italians, Spaniards), Middle Eastern type. Really everything. My grandmother has blond hair with blue eyes, I'm more the Mediterranean type, may mother looks like somebody from Northern Italy.

So, it wouldn't be accurate.

most of us have Olive color skin...Turkish look Turkish..

You asked the same question in Greece section too.

Why ?

What do you want ?

No, all Turks are not dark skin, they have all colors of skin and hair.
I have a turkish boy-friend , and he looks like a German ( blonde hair and blue eyes)

Totally Blunt
Yeah, Deja Vu found the best answer. A Turk looks Turkish, nothing else.

Just visit Istanbul if you have a doubt.

Trotsky vs Kerensky- НекIо!
Average Turk certainly looks Mediterranean rather than Middle Eastern, -just as the map shows- but if you go to southeastern Turkey, people are a lot darker and they resemble Middle Easterners.

As for skin color white and olive are more than,"dark" skins -I don't know what is your idea of "dark" though.

Why you guys are so interested in our skin color anyway? I occasionally see this question in many other sites too "Are Turks white?" "Turks look European?" "Turks look Asian?" etc etc. What's the big deal?

Nooo they are not dark skinned
My bf is from turkey, he has dark hairs but his skin is white not dark, nobody can quess that he is from turkey

hi suddenly appearance friend,
firstly,welcome to Türkiye

i recommend to you this e-book!
Who Are the Turks?
by Justin & Carolyn McCarthy,

see you again,especealy,in İstanbul

Diane H
no i know one with very fair skin and blue eyes
maybe the turks the come from the south more hotter areas do, personally i think darker skin is great, very exotic :D

Reality Bites
No, not those that I know.

genç türk
All I can see on this map is we have the same color as spanish, italians and greeks, so it is wrong to assume we have middle eastern complexion. Plus, we have far less african ***** people than they do in europe or in the states.

Well, we do come in shapes and colors but yea Turks are lil bit darker when compared the other Europeans.
But there some regions (especially northern region of Turkey) where people are very blonde!!
But Turks are hard to classify really coz they have very mixed race...

Mrs. Cunningham
They come in all colors.

Undetermined Quantity
Curious map. Notice the phrase "predicted from multiple environmental factors."

This is about as accurate as saying that people who live near the ocean are better swimmers. It is completely non-empirical and unscientific, from which I infer that the intent of the graphic itself is to propagate racial divisiveness.

Thank you Skopje, for exposing this blatant ignorance veiled thinly as fact. Well-done graphics are very misleading to the eye.

avatar in fact many have light skin. (I have light skin and dark hair) its pretty common to have very light to medium skin and dark brown hair. There are all sorts of people in turkey, though i've gotta say that blue eyes and blonde hair isn't common it still exists. a really common combo is light skin and dark hair. thats what i have...turkish people don't look all that middle eastern.

Well, I can only judge this from the one Turk that I've met, but yes, he did have a darker skin tone. Your ancestry does make some sense of this, if you research it...

bahar t
why do u wanna know?????

Why are you obsessed with outside? Is your inside that empty/


I use 50 sun protection .

You shall know the truth
OK, what is the story with your questions here
Are you from Skopjie or....Mars...
Why all the questions about color here and the Greek section?
Are you color blind or something?

No, moving along now....

Why are you so obsessed with whether or not the turkish people have dark or light skin..blond eyes or brown eyes and the color of their hair...all of your questions are the same...

The original lands of Turks is Central Asia, bordering China. From this location, they were forced to move west for various reasons more than a thousand years ago. On the way to Anatolia they have interacted with Chinese, Indian, middle eastern, European and Anatolian civilizations, and today's Turkish culture carries motives from each one of these diverse cultures.

The question "Who are the Turks?" does not have an easy answer. At the turn of the 20th century the Ottoman Empire was a multinational state extending over three continents.

In a historic context the word Turk or Turkish has also a wider meaning, because there are Turks in Balkans Europe Eurasia and Central Asia as well as America.

As of 2007, the population of Turkey stood at 70.5 million[1] with a growth rate of 1.04% per annum.[3] There are more than 1 million people of non-Turkish descent, about 1 million of whom are foreign residents.

It changes. In East of Turkey, yes they have dark skin. But in the West, they have lighter skin.


no,i am a turkish girl and i am white!!

grand turks are generally purple.

The Moderator
REPENT YOUR SINS and please stop insulting our Lord Jesus Christ with this filthy talk of yours


~*aint i gr8?!?*~
kind of, cause that is where they originally orginated. but some do not at all look like middle easterners. but in istanbul u can not see many people looking like middle easterners. but on other parts yes.

^_^hope this helps ^_^

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