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Malou B

I am a US citizen, do i need visa to go to Amsterdam?

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NETHERLANDS - *Passport required. Visa not required for tourist/business visit of up to 90 days. (**90-day period begins when entering Schengen countries). Tourists may be asked to show onward/return ticket, proof of sufficient funds and health insurance coverage, and that there is adequate housing available for length of stay. Long-term visitors must register with the local police within 8 days of arrival. No residency permits granted. For further information, contact the Royal Netherlands Embassy, 4200 Linnean Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008 (202/244-5300) or nearest Consulate General: CA (310/268-1598), FL (786/866-0480), IL (312/856-0110) or NY (212/246-1429). Internet:


I have to laugh at the people who claim that US citizens need visas to get back home to the US. Obviously, they have never been anywhere, the US Government does not have to issue visas to its own citizens. That is the silliest thing I have ever heard of.

You need only a passport.

Not to visit, only if you're going to work there.

Just a passport. Have fun!

A valid passport is all that is required for a stay of up to three months in the Netherlands, if you are an EC national or from the USA, Canada or New Zealand.

Of course.You are an alien in Holland

Campbell Gramma
they just changed all the rules. As of today, 1/23/ pretty much need a passport to travel anywhere.....

As of today you need a passport to re-enter the United States by air. That includes going to countries like Canada & Mexico. Trust me I am Canadian and was told I need a passport to fly to the United States.

Mexico Traveler
There is some miss information given by the users answering the questions:

1. A passport is an official identification of your home country. It is what identifies you.

2. A visa is permission from a country you wish to visit. Some countries require them, some the permission is implied if you are from certain countries.

As to the question if you are an American Citizen do you need a visa to enter the Netherlands, as one previous poster said and pointed out with a link, the answer is no.

If you are still uncertain go to the website for the Embassy of the Netherlands in the US and all your questions can be answered there. Or contact your airlines and they can tell you.

But really the user who posted that you do not need one is correct.

i think so if you want to get back in the states

The passport gets you into countries, the visa gets you back into the US. So to answer your question, yes you need a visa to get home.

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