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Matt H

Is it safe to travel alone to Amsterdam and once there how safe is it to walk around on one's own?

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I was just there in June alone. I spent the day wandering around the city, shopping, drinking, being merry.. I was very comfortable during the daytime, but still kept a tight hold on my purse and didn't look like I didn't know where I was going (even if I didn't have a clue). There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam and with a good head on your shoulders you should be fine. That being said, even though I travel frequently alone, I do take great precautions in the evening. If you are in the hotel, ask the concierge to help you get to a certain location instead of wandering around the streets alone.

in any big city there is danger,
best to have someone with you.
but i'm sure if your savy enough you could go alone and be ok.

bear in mind that Amstrerdam is a liberal and free town, where vice is tolerated but not encouraged. when i went to Amsterdam i walked around the city center and the red light district by myself. i saw some seedy characters down some side streets but i just kept on walking like i knew what the heck i was doing. it is not a very large area and if you just stay on the brightly lit streets you will invariably land on a main drag. there are plenty of police walking around and the Dutch are very friendly and most speak english. behave, be polite, keep reasonably sober, and you should be just fine. Amsterdam is truly a wonderful city. enjoy

Lurch "You rang"
I went there two years ago and had no problems. The city is not very dangerous. It is always a god idea to have a traveling partner but not necessary. And remember not to get a ride with anyone you don't know, take the rail they go everywhere and are usually the safest way to get around.

Captain Jack
I was in Amsterdam last month. It was very safe, people were all friendly and you can walk pretty much anywhere. A little street smarts will keep you from being harassed at times from drug dealers, but I had no trouble just ignoring them.

If you see a 5'10" Asian girl on Bloedstrausse (street) in the Red Light District...tell her Cap'n Jack says "Hi"

Tero J
SAFE in both accounts, all cities in western Europe are much safer than big cities in the US. The violent crime rate is around 1/100 to an American city of same size. Only the Americans are afraid here, because they make comparison to being scared America. Sorry to say that.

Go to Amsterdam and see how peaceful it is even in the middle of the night with so many people and so little police.

Been there several times (and in about 50 big cities in Europe) on my own and not even seen a threatening situation.

When I went there a few years back it was very safe but times have changed everywhere, you should always have at least one other person with you.

Chantal D.
No problem if you look out and don't leave your drinks unattended.
Avoid Antwerp that's more dangerous.

I visited Amsterdam a few years ago and found it a delightful place. Although I disapprove of the 'Coffee Shops' where marijuana is sold under tolerance by the police, I found it very safe to wander around the city either by day or night. Central Amsterdam is not large by European city standards and it is easy to find your way around. As there were always loots of people about I felt secure at all times. However, like any large town or city, there will be places to avoid such as parks and dark streets at night but as the centre of the city does not allow cars to drive around crime is low as criminals could not get away easily other than running. Also there were lots of police walking about.

Bad points for me were the proliferance of 'coffee shops' with the pathetic individuals showing what damage drug use does to you, and the open homosexuality displayed in many areas.

I'm a 28yr old female who has been living in amsterdam for almost 2yrs. I babysit at night to make some extra $$ which means I have to ride my the middle of the night. Not once have I felt unsafe. I agree w/ everyone who has said to be street smart. You have to be that in any city but not to the point of being parinoid.

i have never been but some of my friends have gone a few times and they have told me some scary stories of things they saw. i personally wouldn't go alone.

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