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Is this what Greek men usually look like?

Christos Patsatzoglou

It says he's from Athens so that "they usually look darker on the islands and lighter on the mainland" excuse isnt going to work here. If you've seen alot of Greek men, is that what you noticed that they usually looked like or do they usually look different from him?
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Andreas L, he has a Greek first name and last name. If he isnt Greek then how do you explain that?

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Not at all.
Christos Patsatzoglou is a Roma Greek.
And most of the Roma Greeks look like that.
It is really disappointing to see how Roma people are used for insulting and racist remarks.
Greeks are typical South Europeans/Mediterranean and they cluster together with Italians, Southern French and Spaniards!
That can be seen in every real genetic research
(Richards et al., Am J Hum Genet, 2000)
(e.g. Malaspina et al. 2000; Weale et al. 2001),
(Di Giacomo et al., Mol Phyl Evol, 2003;
Helgason et al., Am J Hum Genet, 2000)
(The History and Geography of Human Genes
LL Cavalli-Sforza, P Menozzi and A Piazza
Princeton University Press)
(National geographic in the Genographic project (atlas of the human journey)
And that is obvious to anyone who has read any historical work, anthropological, archeological or has ever visited Greece.
Most of the insulting pseudo-Macedonians have never visited Greece.
Check some links to see how Greeks really look like!

(And it is a known fact that he is Roma,anyone can check the link of wikepidia. Anyone can also also see his last name which ends in
-oglou which is not a Greek ending. It is found only in some Roma Greeks and in some Greeks of Constantinople who were registered with -oglou in Ottoman archives. They keep the oglou ending because they have vast fortunes under that name, especially in Constantinople.
Roma people are not considered a minority in Greece. They have full wrights like every Greek citizens and nobody considers important to mention that he is Roma. It is correct that you don’t find it written anywhere.
As for a user below ,Roma Greeks are Greeks too.)

About laoplano/Plostad answer: Unfortunately there was never any "Spanish academy research". There was a highly ridicules research from Skopje that suggested that Greeks are of sub-Saharan African origin (!!). All the scientist laughed whit it. The same research suggested that Japanese were sub-Saharan African too!!! (haha)!!
Even real Slav-Macedonian scientist has found that Greeks are NOT of sub-Saharan origin.
Check this research from Skopje

Read especially the part that says : “A phylogenetic tree constructed on the basis of the high-resolution data deriving from other populations revealed the clustering of Macedonians(slavs) TOGETHER with other Balkan populations (Greeks, Croats, Turks and Romanians) and Sardinians, close to another "European" cluster consisting of the Italian, French, Danish, Polish and Spanish populations. THE INCLUDED AFRICAN POPULATIONS GROUPED ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE TREE”.

I have posted the above research many times but no Slav-Macedonian has ever comment it. They prefer to stick in the fake one! That demonstrates what relation they have with truth.

...very interesting attitudes...

Doesn't look Greek to me. :)
Greeks aren't that dark.


do they look like darker to you????????????????
enjoy and watch your salivas

Ragzeus is right. The man on the photo is Christos Patsatzoglou. He is is a Greek international football player. He is of Roma descend, currently playing for Olympiacos.
He was considered to be one of Greece's top footballing talents, so I don't understand when Ragzeus says that Roma people are used for insulting and racist remarks. On contrary, Christos Patsatzoglou is a man of which the Greeks should be proud! Also most of the greeks have dark tan. But not as Ragzeus says again, like "typical South Europeans/Mediterranean and they cluster together with Italians, Southern French and Spaniards!". They don't have anything in common with this nations - in their look like. The Greeks have their dark tan considering their origin. Moder greeks came from Africa, sub Sahara, so thats why they have darker tan. Today, there are many greeks that have lither tan, but that is becouse of their mix with Macedonian people, and most of them are Macedonian minorityes. Another thing that Ragzeus said, and is part of their propaganda, is that he said that Roma greeks are minorities in greece, but on the other hand greece still danys the existence of the minorityes there. So democratic!!!

HELL NO, he looks albanian.
Im greek....and all my family and friends who are greek look nothing like that...Yes they are tanned and usualy thick dark hair (not always though) but greek people have this look about them that u can just tell if they are greek. He dont look greek to me

He is Sub-Saharan, like the rest of us;)
PS: Find a nother way to irritate us,is not working anymore, we are laughing now

Edit: It is amazing that sooo many FYROMians are in front of their PC today, Orthodox Easter, and are so fanatic that they throw their propaganda at Greeks a holly day like this.

Life is hopeless when you dream.
HE IS NOT GREEK! WIKIPEDIA SAYS HE IS FROM ROMA DESCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

""""He is of Roma descent and he is currently playing for Olympiacos in Greece as a midfielder or right wing-back."""

He is very dark. But Greek men do not usually look like him. Whats your point in this question , slav?

He's not Greek, but a Gypsy.

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