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My boyfriend is 19 and im 17 we want t go on holiday to spain but would i need parents permission?

Its for a week and i can't find answers anywhere. if someone kows anything please get back to me asap
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i dont see why you people are saying about me and my boyfriend that isn't this issue. i just need to no if i need permission or not. if i wanted someone's opinion on our age i would of asked.

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You do not legally need their permission since you are over the age of 14 and can fly unaccompanied.

All you need for entry to Spain if you are an American or EU citizen is a valid passport. It's possible that they'll question why you're traveling solo, but doubtful. If you don't already have a passport you might have a problem because you do need their signature in order to get one.

I'm 16 and have family in London, so I fly back and forth between there & LA frequently, almost always solo, and have never been asked for a letter of consent. I've always had my parents permission & an affidavit to that effect, but no one on either side of the Atlantic has ever asked to see it or questioned me. I also traveled from LDN to Paris solo over Labor Day & had no problems.

You can stay at youth hostels when you're under 18, and since he's 19 he should be able to book a hotel room.

If you decide to take the trip make sure someone you trust knows you're going, and tell your parents something so they aren't freaked out of their mind wondering where you are the whole time. The last thing you want is your parents grief-stricken & panicky and calling Interpol to try to track you down.

~ Pax

I think you can do this sort of thing after you're 16.

3/4 Serbian, 1/4 Hungarian
Have you seen the movie TAKEN......

You are allowed to go with parents permission up to your 18 and you have to travel with someone which is over 18 (which you are)

So if your parents say yes then you could go.

Orla C
Why don't you phone a travel agent and ask them? They are likely to know.

No problem from the travel agent's point of view, one person in the group has to be over 18, as you're over 16 there's no other difficulties with airlines, immigration etc

end of story

have a good holiday!

You need to check with the airline that you are planning to fly with.

In general, as long as you are over 16 and have an adult passport you can fly. You will also be accompanied with an adult (18+) so you should have no problems, but check first.

Debby Ryan
Trying To Help...
Your 17, Alone With A Guy, For A Week, I Doubt Your Parents Will Say Yes. Unless They Are REALLY Nice.
But If You Mean Permission In A Different Way...
Yes... You Will Need Parents Permission... Because You Are Under 18.
Hope I Helped : >

I think that you do need permission with a written note signed by your guardian giving permission, which you take with you, keep it with your passport, which you get when your 16,but check with the holiday company,they may know at the post office, it may be either 18 or 16 I can't remember

No , but i would ask anyway.

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Say no to drugs kids!

Depends on when your turning 18!
Also how it effect your school work.
SO yea you might want to check with your parents for now

The reason folks are commenting about your age is because your parents are your legal guardians until after you turn 18, therefore if they say NO at 17years old you have no choice but to stay home or your parents can call the police and have you dragged back home.
This is soo true, If they say yes then your on your way to spain....Good Luck...Hope you parents are like me with my 17year old girl and let you go and have a ball.
Otherwise you will stay home and sulk and cry and moan...I know this cos my Daughter sort of hinted about it if I didn't let her go...
Have a Great time ...hope your parents realise you are nearly an adult by age ..cos trully on holiday none of us are really adult by brain we all act like big kids and have lots of fun...enjoy..x

Branden C
yeah because your not 18

I had to get written permission from my parents(parents had to fill out some forms.) to go from USA to Europe when I was 17.

fried green crack baby
Listen to Beer and Hockey, drugs may seem like fun to begin with but its a long dark road you're heading down.

Abstract Loves?
He can go but you can't lol, unless you ask.

♥ gӘm''gӘm ♥
Yes you definitely WOULD need you're parents permission. My friend went on holiday (aged 17) with 3 friends (19,18,18) & had to get parents permission.. as well as one of her friends had to sign to be her guardian on the holiday!..

If you're still unsure..go in to a local travel agents and ask them..they'll be more than happy to explain. I think you may also need a letter from you're parents explaining that they give you consent to go.
This is something you'll have to check with you're travel agents when booking or before if you go to enquire.

Have a great holiday!

HA HA HA HA dont even ask.

Peter O
yes you will you can not apply for a passport.for yourself until you are 18 years old

Micaela C

Bad to the bone!
Your to young to be going away with a 19 year old lad- they will say no if their proper parents.

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