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What do greek people look like?

I've searched around and got a lot of different answers, i was wondering what they looked like, hair colour, eye colour, facial features, etc, and also, i am trying to work out where my mothers side is from and this is one of the posibilities. :L
Thanks :)

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Gorgorota Mordorou
We look like Ethiopian. Many expertize have proven we are by SubSaharian origin. Our DNA is matching completely with one of the Oromo-Amhara tribes. Actually, we share the same genes, same tan, same religion and same cultural values.

they look kinda italian, darker hair colours, dark eye colours sometimes light eyes but yeah

They look normal. Greeks are of the white race and, in general terms, have mediterranean features. There are some differences depending where a Greek descends from: Greeks from Makedonia and Epirus, especially those who live in mountains, may be blond or may have blue eyes. Greeks from Peloponnese are often more dark skinned and dark haired. Greeks from Crete have relatively curlier hair than Greeks from other areas. Most Greeks have brown or black hair and brown eyes. There are thin Greeks, but there are also very fat Greeks. Greeks are usually of average height, or shorter than average. They often have characteristical noses. Some Greeks are hairy.

Kim Jong-il
They basically look like Greeks.

Like most people they have two eyes, two ears, etc..... Looks are not going to tell you where your mothers ancestors come from. If you know when her people came to the US one way is to go on and look for them in the census records. The records from the 1860's thru the 1880's ask where the person was born and where their parents were born. That might tell you something.

I live in Greece, so i'll tell you how the majority of greeks look like:
-hair color: mostly brown(light or dark brown), but you can find many with black and blond. Actually greeks have all types of hair color (naturally) Others have straight silky hair, others have curly with volume.
-eye color: mostly brown, green and hazel. But as with the hair it's the same with the eyes. They have also blue eyes.
-facial features: others have big noses, others small, others medium.. Others have weak chin, other have strong chin .. Other have strong cheek-bones... others have oval faces..
-skin tone: pale and mediterranean. dark skin tones and features exist also, but those are the mixed people or the islanders mostly .
You can't really figure a greek person by his characteristics.. cuz they look like the rest europeans.

There are Greeks with blue eyes,with blond hair,with white skinned but and Greeks with brown eyes and dark skinned and hair,there are tall people,short people,for this reason you got a lot of different answers.They have very nice noses,curly hair.For example I have very white skin,green eyes,but black and curly hair.I hope to help for more e-mail me..

They opened up ancient Greek tombs in Alexandria, Egypt and found paintings of the people who were buried there and to my surprise they looked exactly like modern Greeks look today! They also did dna analysis and found that modern Greeks are descendant from ancient Greeks. When the results were published, those idiots calling us africans and arabs stfu real fast!!

Walt D
Greek people tend to have various shades of brown hair, and brown or green eyes. They look very similar to Southern Italians and Sicilians. They tend to have skin that is slightly darker than other Europeans but they are still definitely part of the white race.

Below if a composite picture taken by averaging the pictures of many Greek males:

The above picture is a fairly accurate representation of what Greek look like, although my personal experience has been that Greeks are on average slightly lighter than the picture above.

Hope that helps.

i agree with ''vivi''{she could answer more properly although},the ''ingrid'' who answered is troll,do you know what does this mean?ignore her answer.i want to add that greek men & women belong to the league with the most beautiful & sexy world wide & its a fact {im not lying}.EDIT: thanks {not} trolls for the 4 thump down my text got...

They look like humans :-P

There is a variety in Greeks. They have mostly olive skin because they are Mediterranean and they mostly have brown or green eyes. The common hair color is brown and all of its shades.

But that doesn't mean everyone is like that. I've seen some Greeks with bright blue eyes, natural blonde and brown to blonde hair, some others with dark black hair and dark brown eyes and others with natural red hair and amber eyes.

Afro-look. Dark nation.

I am from norway but I have lots of greek friends at school and they have dark skin, black hair and black eyes.

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