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What kind of foreign food do Turkish people prefer to eat when they go to a restaurant ?

I suppose many people will answer italian food or chinese food, but I wonder if they are interested also in latino-american cuisine too.

Have you already eaten a mexican or a colombian dish ?
Do you like it?
Is it easy to find in Turkey?
Would you like to eat some more often?

Thank you in advance !

Additional Details
@ Fidget, I ask this question because I wonder what kind of foreign food the Turks prefer, BESIDES their own food.
Of course,I know that the Turkish cuisine is excellent, I love it too ! But I assume that the Turks are open-minded people and they love to discover new things, so I think that they may sometimes appreciate some new flavours too !
If there are garbage-food restaurants such as McDonalds in Turkey, so why wouldn't they also want to taste some real good food as well ?
And I also ask the question because maybe I will enter the market with a latino-american restaurant, and I don't know if I should establish a eat-and-go kind restaurant, a delivery-at-home system or a classy restaurant .

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I like Italian and Greek foods. I am abroad, so I did try like mexican food( del taco, taco bell, el pollo loco...) . I like it, it is just a little bit similar with turkish food, I am a picky person unfortunately, I even don't eat all the turkish foods, so I normally don't prefer foreign foods but I did like mexican food... But I,ve been abroad the last 2 years and I only heard that there is taco bell in turkey now, but i'm not sure...

Alwin E
Indian, Thai, Chinese.

Please mind that Turkish people mostly are of Muslim belief and are therefore not allowed to eat pork. So thay avoid international cuisine where it MIGHT be contained. Pork may be contained in the Chinese kitchen, but for a reason unknown to me, they seem to make an exception there.

i am Turkish.and i live in London..i tried Chinese, Italian,Arabic,Brazilian foods. i really like to try different food. on the other hand we don't eat pork..i liked all veg foods but unfortunately Chinese..i ordered some vegetarian but again i didn't like it.they put sweet even in salads

I like Chinese and Indian

I like Mexican and Indian.

We can find Mexican food at big city's.

I prefer kebab.

I'm not much of a fan of Latino cuisine. I prefer Chinese food but there are not so many Chinese restaurants in ?stanbul with reasonable prices.

Well myfriend you are asking if Turkish people eats colombian or mexicon dishes in Turkey. he he he:))))))
I think you should be more inform with turkish dishes and noone whould like to eat that kind of food in Turkey. Im not saying it,s bad dishes mexicon or colombion but the Turkish dishes are the best .

since turkish kitchen is quite enough to find many kinds of meal, most of turkish people may not prefer any other foreign food...

it might be interesting but, turkish people choose to eat hamburgers for a change on their dish tradition.

i think, in the south part of turkiye, there are really similar kinds of food with latino-american types; hot pepper is especially added to these meals...

caner o
ADANA KEBAP yemesi sevap :) ;) eat in turkey iskender kebap! you will love it!!!!

As seeing how many Italian and Japanese restaurants there are in TR, I will say Italian Japanese.

val f1 nutter
Hi. my hubby will eat Indian food, the hotter the better. he also likes Chili Con Carne and fajitas. He loves my roast dinners - roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast spuds, parsnips, carrots and onions, boiled cabbage, peas and sweetcorn all covered in loads of thick beef gravy and a bit of mint sauce. a few of his friends will eat this too, but without the gravy. Ooh and beef steak with all the trimmings. It takes a while for me to persuade him to try new things though. he doesn't like Chinese food.
oh forgot to say he likes spaghetti bolognaise too :-)

Are you asking about Turkish people eating abroad?
Or Turkish people eating food in Turkey?
In Turkey they like to eat mezes (starters) made with vegetables, yoghurt, meat or fish in season. Followed by meat or fish. The meal is normally completed with fruit.

I like Turkish food. I cannot comment about Mexican.

If you come to Turkey, I recommend you eat the local food, forget your predilections. Enjoy the local diet, it's good!

In answer to part of your question: Neither Italian nor Chinese. Most Turks have never dreamt of any food other than the home grown variety. They are probably not interested in Latino-American because they consider Turkish food to be better than any other, even if they've never tried anything else.

I really don't understand your question, I've tried to answer it but......

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