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What kind of foreign food do Turkish people prefer to eat when they go to a restaurant ?

I suppose many people will answer italian food or chinese food, but I wonder if they are interested also in latino-american cuisine too.

Have you already eaten a mexican or a colombian dish ?
Do you like it?
Is it easy to find in Turkey?
Would you like to eat some more often?

Thank you in advance !

Additional Details
@ Fidget, I ask this question because I wonder what kind of foreign food the Turks prefer, BESIDES their own food.
Of course,I know that the Turkish cuisine is excellent, I love it too ! But I assume that the Turks are open-minded people and they love to discover new things, so I think that they may sometimes appreciate some new flavours too !
If there are garbage-food restaurants such as McDonalds in Turkey, so why wouldn't they also want to taste some real good food as well ?
And I also ask the question because maybe I will enter the market with a latino-american restaurant, and I don't know if I should establish a eat-and-go kind restaurant, a delivery-at-home system or a classy restaurant .

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