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Where could we go on holiday at Christmas in Europe that will still be hot?

we want to go away this christmas but dont want to travel too far as we are going long distance to thailand in september

I would like to try a cruise but cant find any over christmas that will be somewhere warm?

thank you for you help in advance

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lewis d
The canary islands are the best place to go over christmas if you want the good weather but don't want to travel too far.Southern spain, tunisia, malta and portugal are other options but the canaries is your safer bet. As for cruises I'm not too sure, but if you look in brochures and on the internet I'm sure something will match up to your chosen destinations. Hope this helps

The Canary Islands and Madeira will still be reasonably hot at Christmas, I would say the temperature will be in the early 70's, but book quickly because I tried to book hotels over the christmas period and there was very little available.

Try Portugal - it's not going to be hot but nice and not freezing.

^ like she said, Madeira will be at good temperature then but it won't be HOT.. well, it depends on your definition of hot.

The Algarve will be really warm then too. Therefore, Portugal is a good choice :) Or Spain, Barcelona perhaps.

I have spent the past 3 Christmas periods in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and it is brilliant.

At that time of year the temperature is averaging about 26 degrees centigrade and sunshine is guaranteed (unlike the Canary Islands where temperatures are about 5 degrees lower and with much rain during this period).

In addition to the sun and heat there is plenty to do with the Red Sea providing scuba diving/snorkelling opportunities in the coral reefs.

Nightlife is also good this time of year as the resort is absolutely heaving with Europeans trying to escape the cold.

Additionally, it only takes four and a half hours to fly down there so it isn't too far to travel.

Hmmm you could try somewhere like the Canary Islands where the temp will prob be early 20's....

but really I think you should just save up and hit St Lucia or Hawaii!

les c
Can't suggest a cruise but you could try the Canaries.
Fuerteventura is lovely at Christmas.

The French Riviera???

$Sun King$
Europe isn't warm at Christmas. I've seen pictures of the Riviera and Athens covered with snow.

You don't want to travel but you are thinking of going on a cruise?

Is the boat stationary? I was always under the impression they moved.

Try Fiji. It's where we are going. :)

Or if in the US, how about Mexico or Hawaii?

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