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Volkan Bey Efendi

Which country is the biggest. the strongest and most influential power in Middle-East and in Balkans?And why?

Who is the regional "leader" power country in Middle-East?
And in Balkans?
And why?

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Well, "power" and "strong" has so many definitions and dimensions. Generally speaking I'd say Turkey, it remains to be seen whether this is a curse or a blessing though.

(Haha Serbia? :P I strenuously disagree, Republic of Moldova is obviously the most influential country in the Balkans)

I agree with Keyser, please Volkan don't do this.

Could you please read also Amada's answer in this post;;_ylt=AlSBfy6g2CUhoetcDH1dA8esDX1G;_ylv=3?qid=20100531055455AAAb5Rg

strongest as army or international lobby? 1 week later we will see everything gonna be forgetten over world. So it makes Israel is the most powerful. Coz they always do that.

Turkey is one of the biggest, but not -and probably never will be- like Ottoman, the only power in the region. greece, qatar, dubai and some other arab states are richer. israel is obviously stronger. usa is not physically in balkans and middle east, but it has presence everywhere.

First you should have the peace within yourself to maintain it in other regions.

My brother is 10 years old, and it sometimes disturbs me that he'll go to military service one day, and may not come back. after 15 years, nothing will change, believe me nothing. and it may get worse, like what's happening right now very rapidly.

you think there is no war here?
read this, if you want to get rid of the thought that "only we had the balls to resist them, whole world admires us"

In Balkans Greek ELIT is the most influential, so many Greek banks, products and factories (note, I say Elit, not Greece, this means Balkans are affected financially but not politically by Greece).
In Middle East it is Israel.
In Caucasus is Russia.
Turkey's previledge is that she has a strong -but not the strongest- presence in Balkans, Middle East and Caucasus together, a power that can't be ignored.
Now Erdogan trys to make Turkey the biggest power in Middle East, this is why he trys to follow an independant policy and is against Israel, but Turkey is a giant with fragile legs, such as various issues that make the Army so ...indispensable for her.
Turkey needs NOT to be sambotaged by super powers but needs to have good relations with them, exactly because of those internal burning issues that could be taken advantage of (Kurds and other groups).

You don't strive to be a super power in the Middle East when you have to fight Kurds, you arrange the issues with them and THEN move on to your plan.

Please,don't think that I am affected by my Greek identity for what I say, it is my honest opinion.

Ladybug Queen of Lazistan
Turkey, Israel, Egypt are all strong, but my tini tiny Kingdom has more guts as they have together.

Rememvnite I
Historically speaking, the Ottomans were the biggest, the strongest and most influential.

However after 1910, there was a vacuum. Serbians rebelled, Greeks rebelled. They all reverted back to Christianity.

And in the Middle-East, there remained fundamentalists.

Ataturk however modernized Turkey.

Croatia of course, even though we 'officially' are not in the Balkans.

In the Middle East, there is a tie between Turkey and Egypt.

In the Balkans, there is no contest that Serbia is the greatest and most influential nation.

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