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Why are Russians so rude?

I'm not trying to put Russians down or anything but I live in a area where it's culturally diverse and i've noticed that most Russians are VERY condescending- why?? My neighbor says that it's probably because of they hardships they faced in Russian or perhaps their parents or grandparents went through hell, developed those characteristics and have trickled down to their family. Is this true? Or it possible that they have some sort of ego? what is it? Why do have to be so hostile? I've encountered this not only at school but at work, out in the street, stores...why do they have to be so rude?

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Lev Davidovich ;)
Hmmm. Funny. I often hear Russians who were born, raised and still live in Russia say, that the Americans and the British are rude.

Well, Russians are simply different. They have a different culture and therefore have a different mentality. We can't all be the same, otherwise this world would be a boring place to live. They may be more "rough" as compared to other Europeans or North Americans, but they make really good friends and are very interesting to talk to. My Russian Friends are the most sincere friends I have on this planet and I really mean this. They were the ones who were there beside me during my darkest moments, when even my members of my own family turned their backs on me. Dmitry is right. When a Russian smiles at you, it means he or she likes you, and it's not just for the sake of appearing friendly or polite. They're a very unique people. It's a country of contrasts. Besides, I believe that the Russians possess a "Soul" that I have not yet seen in other nations. It's hard to put into words what it means. They're the only people with whom I can truly be myself.

Try to make friends with them and get to know their culture, language and history. You'd probably have a different opinion about them.

Why do Russians smile so seldom?

Smile is Russian communication is not a sign of politeness.

Western smiles greeting someone mean pure politeness. The more a person smiles the more friendliness he/she is showing to his/her partner.

Russian people don‚??t smile out of politeness. Visa versa, it is considered to be bad to smile without any significant reasons. The Russian phrase ‚??he smiled out of pure politeness‚?Ě implies a negative attitude to the smiling person.

A constant polite smile is considered a ‚??smile on duty‚?Ě in Russia and shows people‚??s insincerity, closeness and unwillingness to show real feelings.

Russian people do not smile at strangers.

Russians smile only at their fellow guys. That‚??s is why shop assistants never smile at customers (they don‚??t know them personally!:). If a shops-assistant knows a customer she shall smile at him/her.

A Russian smile is a sign of personal attraction.

A Russian smile shows that a smiling person likes you. He/she is very friendly to you. That is why Russians smile only to fellow people because they cannot favor strangers.

A smile of a Russian person should have a sufficient reason, which is evident to others. It gives a person the right to smile from others‚?? point of view. The Russian language has got the unique proverb missing in other languages, ‚??Laughter without reasons is the sign of foolishness‚?Ě. Western thinking people are unable to understand the logics of this proverb.


Before I answer, I am curious, where do you live and how do you know these people you speak of are Russian? Many "Russian" immigrants in Western world are not Russian, they are Russian jews from various former Soviet republics.

*Editted to add* Not all Russians living in the West are Jews, I know this quite well but it is known documented fact that a great majority are. Total quantity of white Slavic-ethnic Russians living in West, legally or illegally, are small compared to Jews, Chechens and various dark people from Caucasus.

I agree with ‚?†, how do you even know they're Russian? If you encounter them everywhere, then it means when they're alone, or not speaking or
in any other way displaying their origins. Unless you have some special
Russian detector, you may be wrong about your judgment in the first place.

Your neighbour is just using a stereotype, true for anyone anywhere.
So it doesn't really count. Assuming that you're in the States, would you say the same about your own ancestors who settled there driven by hardships back home? So "if your grandparents went through hell, then they developed those characteristics and they have trickled down to your family. Is this true?"

The Russians I know are not rude, on the contrary. And it's not the image I have of them. They're just not the proverbial smiling face that often is a fake anyway. Russians don't smile without a reason, and I share this with them. I feel sorry for the people who always have to wear a false plastic smile for the sake of appearing kind. And I find it normal for all senior citizens to pass to the front queue without waiting. These are the values we have been brought up with.

Ok, Russians by there nature are condescending. I hate to say that but I have met hundreds when I lived in Ukraine. Ukrainians are the same way except they are not proud of Ukraine. Russians are very proud of Russia. They honestly believe that Russian technology and life style are better than most of the rest of the world, including the US. But if you can get past that you will find them very nice and loyal. I have only met a couple Russians in the US so I don't know about them. The one thing you should never do is make a disparaging remark about Russia.

The other thing is that you will find them rude at stores and things like that, but it is simply how they were raised. They are not good at standing in lines and will cut in front of you. You will find also that elderly Russians seem to think they have a divine right to go to the front of the line. In Russia they do! It is customary to yield to someone who is substantially older than you are.

I've spend many years in Russia, and i have to say i consider them as one of the most friendly, open and nice nations so far ( at least, as long as you were not born in middle east, some of the Russians have issues about them). Almost all the people I met there were very hospitable, and u can always depend on them... In short, I love them!

Anyway, I used to live in Moscow, and have no idea how are the people in the other parts of Russia, hope there is no great difference. Many woman consider the girls to be rude. Which is understandable, after the ww2 the number of males went down, so the females have to become more arrogant and literally to turn into go-getters( though it's typical feature for the most of the eastern european females)

About the "condescending" I don't know... Maybe the fact that Russians are proud to be Russians, and no matter what they love their country, makes you think of them like that...

Anyway, try to see the good things about them... to understand them, maybe to go to some party, and you will see that in general they are good guys)

i dont find russians to be fact my bf and some friends are "russians" (from russia, latvia, ukraine and belarus) and i never found any to be rude, hostile, etc..
actually, i find brits, americans and indians (from india) to be rude and "stuck up."

Joe B
if you ask a russian this they'll say it's because they're genuine and if they are having a bad day they don't pretend otherwise because it's 'fake'. and that westerners, especially americans, are all backstabbing masquerading liars because they are pleasant to strangers all the time when they cannot possibly be happy all the time.
what they may not explain to you is why the hell you should care if the person being paid to 'serve' you is having a bad day, or why the hell you should care if the person who apologised after bumping into you on the metro is secretly thinking 'what a d~#k.' but hey maybe being scrupulously genuine is more important than getting the f@%k on with your life in russia.
i should add though that in fairness it works both ways, russians don't bat an eye lid if you're rude to them and once you get used to it they're really easy to get on with and even friendlier then most westerners.

I'm not so sure about some of the above answers regarding Russian immigrants to the US being Chechens and Jews. Where I live there is a slightly visible Russian community and the ones that I know of are blonde/red/light brown haired and fair skinned. How did they get to the US or are they illegal? I dont honestly know that much, but I do know that many of those people arent Chechens, Jews or any dark ethnicity.

Slava T
Those people you know are not Russians. They are RUSSIAN-SPEAKING people of different ethnic origins from the former Soviet Union. The last time the ethnic Russians immigrated somewhere from Russia en masse to constitute a more or less visible minority was right after the Revolution of 1917 but their great grandchildren are well assimilated by now. Moreover, NO country in the world accepts ethnic Russian immigrants except for partners (mostly wives) of their nationals and a handful of highly-skilled immigrants who are dispersed over various countries. Due to political reasons the immigration from Russia to the States is allowed (by the US) ONLY for the "Russian" Jews and some minorities like "Russian" Chechens.

P.S. "A significant amount of Russian Jews were permitted to emigrate from the Soviet Union beginning with the late 1960s to Israel. Many of them began arriving from Israel to the United States where they formed several Russian speaking enclaves, such as the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn in New York City. 1,250,000 Russian Jews moved to Israel during the period immediately preceding and following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian Jewish community is among the world's largest of the Jewish diaspora and Russian Jews continually emigrate out of the former USSR for either Israel, Western Europe and North America".

moonshine annie
I don't believe that just because a person is Russian, Chinese, Japanese, American or Pit bull makes them all one way or the other. It is individualism. Some people are just, by nature, rude! But on the other side of that coin, there are lots of nice people to counteract it.

Way to generalize, I'm half russian and Im not rude, my dads russian and he's lovely.. Maybe it's just the ones you meet.

Squeaky P
They do seem that way in the way they act. Its 99% culture, because western politeness was not a value taught to them. In the US, kids are taught to be nice to each other. "over there" they are not taught in the same way.

Its the same thing as their infamous jealousy. My wife returned recently and most of her old friends are mean to her now, simply because she has a good life in the USA.

I'm not suprised by the bizarre answers saying Russians living abroad are Jews. its completely false of course, but a byproduct of the propoganda machine still going on in Russia today (revisionist history to explain large scale emigration in the 90s). Again, something my wife was shocked to figure out that in America most of the Russians she met are not Jews and come from Moscow/St Petersburg.

Because USSR leaved the most shitty people who pray just on money and dont see other people,those who just rude are soviet slavs,those who have big family and live like pigs are j-r.
Sorry people,but that said my friend from New Jersey.If people see that around them it means that its true.

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