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Why is it that Russian people, especially women, are usually so nastily rude?

has anyone noticed this, who has ever met any?

they just seem to make your hair stand on your neck.

very heavy handed and very rude (almost like they enjoy seeing you get angry).

or has that only been my experience?

why is this for them you think, especially?
Additional Details
first answerer, i am not talking about "politely rude", i am talking about rude that just makes you want to scream and walk up a wall, type of rude.

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Cruises for Little Girls
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Alejandro J
I think the problem you are having is to understand the Russian mentality and the culture that they come from. It is easy for Western to say that other Westerns are friendly, caring and down to earth and never get mad but that Russians are extremely rude, to the point that you have a negative disposition to them. There are many factors which may serve to give off the idea that Russians are rude, but it is a cultural thing.

In Russian culture, the idea of friendship and being open to strangers, even other Russians, is something which is very difficult to do. In English, we have words as friend and acquaintance which describes the level you know someone, either very well or just in passing. in Russian, they have words like dryug=friend, znakomi=acquaintance, neznakomi=someone you don't know or you barely know them and so on. The idea behind it is that in the West, we can easily say someone is a friend without them truly being a friend. In Russia, people ar given borders or limitations to their relationship with someone until they do things with that person. For example, when I was in Russia, it was very difficult for me become friends with men because their idea of friendship with other guys are people they went to school with, served in the army with or work with. If you were not part of that area, it was difficult to open up.

Russian culture, and Russian society, has, for a very long time been seperated from outside cultures. During the times of the Russian Empire, there was very little outside interaction with foreign cultures, and during the Soviet times, talking with foreigners could lead to the KGB following you and trying to spy on you to understand your fascination with foreigners. Only within the past few years as there grown less resistance to foreigners, but it still lingers in the minds of many.

Another thing which people don't understand is that, while it seems that Russians are yelling at each other and aggressively talking, Russians talk loudly to one another and come acros that way. They are very blunt and honest people, and when my wife and I talk, sometimes she can be too blunt and I will take offense to that. I just have to remember that Russians, sometimes, are not the most diplomatic people and come acress as aggressive. It is difficult to change someone who has comes from another culture, to make them conform to the standards of a new country, in the case, Western standards, are going to take time to develop. It might just come from the idea that they do not want any fluff or pizzaz on something, they just want to know the details, the facts and want things done and can't stand to awit for ages for someone to take care of it.

When I first moved to Russia, I noticed that people were standoff-ish with me because I was a foreigner and always asking questions about Russia. Eventually people could see my good intentions and opened up to me, warmly welcomed me and tried to engage me. After all these years, I still have to be understanding that for some, I am still just a foreigner and that being an outsider is still something to be mysterious about.

The same idea is true for people who move to the US and the West from Russia. If you notice, Russians like to be around other Russians. You will notice that Russians tend to stick together and are still more cautious with outsiders, trying to make sure their community is closer and able to withstand the pressures of the outside. As for individuals, they do have a tough outer shell, making it hard for people to break it but after so much time, things can open up. You just have to be willing to work at a relationship or understand that foreign cultures are different and take time to really understand.

OMG yay!
I was on a foreign exchange program and hosted a Russian girl in my house. There were several times when I just wanted to smack her in the face and/or throw a temper tantrum because she was "rude" to me.

However, I think that she wasn't trying to be rude, it was probably the fact that a) English isn't her best language and b) cultural differences. Every society has it's own standards on what considered respectful and what's considered rude. She was behaving according to the standards of her culture and I was judging her according to my culture.

But if you just let these things slide and focus on all the positive aspects of these people then you'd probably think of Russians in a completely different way....

Or you could have been unfortunate to encounter a group of nasty people who just happened to be Russian and female.

1. Woman of Russia aren't rude, they just proud and sensitive to some unskilled amateur - who is trying to use his American ways to get laid.
Big mistake mate, our girls aren't sluts, regardless of what you may heard.

2. The man of Russia do not think the way you, the Americans do.
We can't be laughing when somebody tell you to laugh. (your stupid TV soaps).

3. Do not try to understand our mentality. Your IQ is not ready for it.

It is like me trying to understand the mysticallity of the Orientals.
The Japanese are hard working and beautiful people.
But I will never understand their logic or humor.
It doesn't stop me but to show them my respect and friendship.

Don't be a TROLL.

Excellent answers from Tolstoyevski (thanks), tara22tara and Prince N.

Some people, Russian or not, are jerks.

Having said that, I have to rise to their defense and point out that what is considered "polite" or "impolite" is very often culture-specific. The Russian(s) in question could be treating you with what to them is proper courtesy, and could be quite frustrated that You are not responding correctly.

The fact is: They ain't like us, and I'm not sure it's entirely fair to expect them to be.

Prince N
LOL - this is almost certainly because they are repelled by you for whatever reason :-) if they like someone, they are not rude. clearly your personality does not go well with Russian women.

and i totally agree with all other replies that the sort of generalization you are making is ether due to your complete misfortune and perhaps dates with prison officers of siberian gulags who happed to be russian. or you made a conclusion on 1 or 2 bad experiences.

Doctrine Man
Very good response "Alejandro J".
You did earn my respect.
Very objective, unbiased and truthfully written.
I did enjoy reading your article.

Paul R
I think you've just met some unpleasant characters regardless of the fact they were Russian. I've met and worked with quite a lot of Russians. Some have been idiots, and some have been great people, and some are good friends.

Like any other culture you'll meet people who are decent and people who are @rsholes.

I think you've just been unlucky.

I think you are unfortunate to have run into rude "People" not just russians. You sound a tad racist for generalizing that all Russians are like that. Sometimes when someone is rude to you, the best thing you can do is smile and be super nice. 9 times out of 10 they will feel like a jerk and become friendlier.

Man, if you met ONE person that you found rude... tough luck.
But if you're talking as someone who has "been there, done that", that's another story. I have been in Russia and my opinion was that the brain of most people over 30s got extremely affected by the 70 or so years of red dictatorship. Do you know what that does with people's brains? So, THOSE people are really rude. Now, if you talk to under 30s, then the story is completely different. They are really nice, well educated and most even have a good understanding of English among other languages.
Conclusion: if you are travelling to Russia, and you need someone's help, simply DON'T ask the middle aged man, look for a young person, and then you'll get your directions and even a smile.

wow it saddens me that there are people like u out there in this world. maybe they're rude to u because you're a jackass. u already have this preconceived notion of what Russian people are. sure you might have run into some rude Russians but are you telling me you've never ran into any rude Americans or Brits or any other nationality? or maybe they're just rude to you cause its pretty obvious that you think you are better then them.

Medium Dave
All the ones I've met (not that many, in fairness) have been rather nice, actually.

Orla C
Any Russian person I have met has always been perfectly courteous.

It might just be you ....

Part Time Cynic
Do some reading on cultural relativism and you might understand that when in Rome ... they will behave like the Romans.

Alan B
Russian people i have met seem ok.Just like everywhere there are nice people and not nice people.
To be honest when i was in Moscow i found people to be polite and courteous and generally pleasant and helpful , so it must be that you just met the unpleasant ones

some are rude, some are not. i've met some really nice ones

jaybee*baby#2 due april*
I think you might be generalising a bit?! Im british and every day have met plenty of nastily rude british people!

Desert Rose
"Sh*t happens"

You can meet rude people everywhere... don't generalize... it's probably just your bad experience... maybe next time you will meet only Nice&Polite Russians... Good luck!

oh no you di'int
because the men are rude too,,,

Joe C
Thats How They Have To Be To Manage Up theree

Pretty Much they're Men xD.

So it's men Doing Girls who're men having either babies that're men

or ladies that're gonna turn out to be menn ;)

No need for pink baby clothes round there :L

Relax, I'm here now.
Poverty (as in Russia) breeds a lack of culture.

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