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Would a Dark-skinned, greek girl face a lot of racism in Russia?

I am planning to go to russia. I heard that there is severe racism towards people who don't have white skin and most greeks have dark skin. So I was wondering, What places can a dark-skinned greek girl go without facing all this racism?

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omg is that you in the picture?
omg you look like a gypsy or indian or something
but not like greek
never go to russia
cause they probably kill you there
-if they survive first-
cause your ugliness is so damn horrible
that may kill them before they catch you

Otto von EUR
yes, stay in your country

Vasuluki, this is exxagerated.
Just go and enjoy.

aren`t you tired to troll here ?

Gipsy Queen
Oh come on, guys, quit it already. Nothing is going to happen to you in Russia. Just do no go to the very south where Russian girls themselves do not really go without male company (preferably father) as local Caucasian guys there are quite insisting and irritating. But that is pretty much it. You will be fine in Russia.

eww is that real you on your pic?


you Greek hairy bear, stay in your country Former Ottoman Province of Yunanistan aka "Hellass"

As with any country there are the racists, extremists and the retards. Even in the UK there is occasional rioting against the muslim ethnic minorities and tensions against Eastern Europeans taking the jobs of the resident Brits. We even have our own fascist political party - the BNP! The Neo Nazi movement in Russia, at the moment, has quite a few adherents (mainly in St. Petersburg and Moscow). You have to understand that dark skinned people in Russia are rare because Russia did not own any colonies in Africa hence most of the people there are either White or Asian looking. The Neo Nazi movement is ironic as the Russian's ancestors wouldve been shot on sight by the German Nazis as Slavs were considered a different (albeit inferior) race! If you are coherent and logical about your environment (i.e. avoiding alley ways or being alert in dark streets) then you should be fine in the cities. This is the case with any foreign tourist. Both these cities are very metropolitan and the citizens are rather used to seeing foreigners - they are just a little more wary then the usual western countries. If you would like to be ultra safe then I would suggest visiting Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Astrakhan or Rostov. The former two cities (located in Siberia/Far East Russia) are probably the most cosmopolitan and friendliest in terms of nationalities as they are melting pot of people of different countries and ethnicities. Astrakhan and Rostov are medium sized cities which don't seem to have any active Neo Nazi programme going on - so check it out if you can. BTW this is a BIG tip for anyone wanting to visit Russia - learn the cyryllic script. Barely any of the signs are written in any other alphabet. So to conclude - so long as you keep to your wits, you should be fine.

most likely

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