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Eliza S

what countries does russia hate?


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Barcelona, mi amor
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Князь Игорь
Russians love french in particular - in many regards we are so similar and share our cultural roots - They also have strong links with Italy, Germany, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tazhikistan, Finland, Bulgaria - if only those countries mean something for you -

there are strong prejudices against SS Estonians, and balts in general who still today did not really clear out their nazi past, + Azeris, Georgians, non russo-Ukrainians, Poland - those prejudices are most of the times historical -

Your question meanwhile very probably concerns more yourself than Russia - because being there very often, I can tell you that this is not their major care -

The only thing I can say for sure, is that they consider ALL the strangers, Europeans etc ( US is not their major care ) wit a kind of love-hate feeling -

I don`t think Russia `hates` (as such) any country. No more than any other country `hates` a country.
But countries ARE suspicious of other countries, and often disagree with the way they are running things. Russia has always been suspicious of many seems to have some sort of paranoia or inferiority complex, and feels as though it needs to stamp itself onto the world scene -and prove itself.
The feeling might stem from their long years of Communism, which failed so dismally.
It is hard to understand why they should feel like this though, as in fact they have a hell of a lot going for them.

America, China, and you. Not the country, but just you individually.

countries that attack others. countries that kill people. fascist countries.

fascists attacked russian soil. america never had an invasion to thwart. american soil last saw battle in 1865. how quickly we forget. war is not fun, war is a dirty hell.

Nick A, Name
None Individuals that live there might

Helsinki Wannabe
I think it truly depends on the individual in Russia. There used to be some hatred between Russia and Finland during the World Wars, but hopefully that's over. As a Finn, I like Russian people. I know a Russian and a Finn who are good friends.

I speak perfect Englesh
USA but not China.

Squeaky P
The Kremlin probably "hates" the UK most of all these days. They never been friends actually.

<3 Ash <3 Wooo <3
China, America, Germany.

the real question is there a country russia doent hate :|

Larry Dean
idk probably Georgia...kind of attacked that one not too long ago. way. Just friendly rivalry. germany perhaps...oh france. Everyone hates the french.

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