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Joilyn D

what kind of currency should I take to denmark, norway & sweden?

Are US dollars more widely accepted?

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Each country has its own currency but most will exchange Euros for their own currency. I found that in Copenhagen most places would take my Norwegian kroner but they would only take the paper money, not the coins. Just be careful at the airports or transportation hubs as they may charge quite a bit to convert money. Certainly the use of credit cards is easier but then you won't know what rate you get until some time after you get back but most places accept them. If you have a good bank you can buy these currencies before you leave and get the best rate (the dollar is getting stronger right now so it's a good time to buy). Just try to stay up to date on your conversion rates so you can be aware if someone is taking advantage of you. Good luck!

Philip W
Denmark - Danish Krona
Norway - Norwegian Krona
Sweden - Sweedish Krona

They are all different currencies (like USA & Canadian Dollars)

Check the exchange rate here
Use dollars - No

no, you need their local currency

Endie vB
Hi, I'm European.

If you need cash while you're there: Any US card that would function on an ATM machine would be very practical, and usually a fair exchange rate. Cash US dollar are not popular, more luck with cash euro. But most shops/restaurants prefer local cash.

Tero J
YOU DON'T NEED EUROS. No reason to make two exchanges, if you pay with euros the rate is not favorable. None of the countries uses euros they all have their own currencies called krona's. Take some dollars, but if you have Visa or Master Card that's well enough, ATM s on nearly every street corner, giving you local currency the amount you need The leftovers you can exchange to next currency in any exchange office. So with Credit Card no cash needed.

Virtually nowhere will accept US Dollars, other than banks and big hotels.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway all have their own currencies, you can use US debit and credit cards in the ATM's here though, and withdraw in local currency or in Euro if you really want.

Euro will be more accepted than US Dollars, but even those will mostly only be useful in tourist shops in the big cities.

You can't for instance buy gas for your rental car or grab a meal at most restaurants with anything other than local currency.

johanna m
No, Dollars wouldn't work well. Very few places, if any, accept those. Euros might work in bigger stores like department stores or supermarkets, but not in smaller, for those you need the local kroner/kronor. Luckily, a lot of places accept visa or credit cards and in cities near the borders, Danish kroner would work in Sweden, Swedish kronor would work in Norway and so on.

I visited both Denmark and Sweden in August and the currency in Denmark is Danish Krone and in Sweden is Swedish Krone. They have to accept euros as they are part of the European Community, but they give you back local notes and coins.

krone or euro
it's your choice

Use a credit card as much as possible. This will reduce your translation exposure. If cash is needed, I suggest you use Euros. You will get the best exchange rate at a bank. The worst rates are in airports and hotels. It has been my experience that local shops will take dollars at an even worse exchange rate.

Poe's Rose
My daughter is traveling to Italy in January with her college class and the professor sponsoring the trip has asked that the kids only take along credit cards, preferably VISA. He said last year he had trouble there with debit cards and that the Euro is worth more than the American dollar, for example 100.00 American is only worth 60.00 American over there. Perhaps this might work for you.

They only take their individual money and sometimes Euros so you can bring US dollars and then exchange them or just take out local cash at they bank machine. I don't know about Sweden and Norway but here in Denmark they are funny about using none European visas in some stores. Some won't take them and the ones that do need to see ID so you will need to use cash a lot. Actually Norway is okay for that, I remember even being able to run a tab on my Master Card.

You need Euros.

well most of the strip joints want dollars

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