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American candy not found in france?

I'm sending a care package to my french family (french host family) I stayed with awhile ago.
I know peanut butter and oreos are loved and hard to come by so I already have sent them these items in the past such as reeces etc..
Any idea what other American candies are not sold or hard to come by in france?
If you have no idea then please don't's a seious question and its important I get a seriouse answer. thank you.

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Don Adriano
Chocolate is very popular in France, but tends to be much higher in quality than US chocolate. Most French people would not be impressed by a Hershey bar, except for the novelty of it being foreign.

Hard candies with strong fruit flavors, such as Jolly Ranchers, are not common in France.

Gummy candies are very common, so don't bother with those.

Bubblegum would be unusual. The French have gum, of course, but it's mostly the breath freshener kind--not really for blowing bubbles. Also, cinnamon chewing gum is rare. Most gum here is some variety of mint.

Fruit taffy is pretty common. They don't have Starburst specifically, but they have things like that. Chocolate taffy like Tootsie Rolls is rare.

"Kiddy candy" like Nerds, Pop Rocks, etc is almost entirely different in France. Pretty much anything from the Willy Wonka brands would be novel here. Send me some Spree while you're at it.

Let's see, what else? Cinnamon red hots, Lemonheads, candy corn and circus peanuts are all pretty much unknown.

Easter's coming up. You could send over some marshmallow Peeps. That would amuse them.

A bit difficult to answer, because living in France I don't really know American candy.
I've never heard of oreos and reeces. What are they?
But the idea of sending American candy sounds good.

Linda S
I would say some of the Hershey premium chocolate (the standard chocolate bar are not all that great by European standards), also raisinet are good. Ghirardelli chocolates (and if you have money, well Godiva is all right). Perhaps I would send coffee, nothing like Folger, but some of the Seattle best brand (French people prefer dark roast) or some flavored coffee for the novelty. If you want to expose them to American food, I would try well stuffing (out of all things...), we don't have that and I personally enjoy it quite a bit. York mint patties are awesome too. Hope this help. By the way, it's very nice of you to send them something.

oreo is in france now since january, everywhere.
Cinamon gums are almost impossible to find in france, like milk sodas, milky way snack bar, jelly and light beers.

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