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FRANCE- what makes france so special?

i would really like to know if u can please put some websites that gives facts about france that most people dont know

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I'm french and i can tell you it's not because of french fries, you americans call them like that, we don't lmao!!
France is special because of it's history (America was discovered in 1492 while France already had more than 1000 years of history), political power (best in Europe), fashion (Lacoste, Coco Channel, Dior, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, L'Oreal, LancĂ´me), very old cities and villages (built before America was created!!), food (best in the world), wine (same), sports (soccer, etc), landscapes (just go and see), tradition, culture, arts.

french fries, helping us with the war, Eiffel tower, langauge of love, fashion
they have a reputation

Inquisitor Stebbins
Do a side by side comparison of France's weapons and United States' weapons, France has superior weaponry.

Also, french fries

It's a civilised country with a mature culture.

jean marc l
you are a typical young and new on this who knows nothing.i bet you do not even know where is florida
instead of playing stupid use your computer to learn
good luck

One fact is that the south east accent in France is very different to the northern and Paris accent. For example a Parisian with pronounce 'pain' (bread) like 'pa' while someon from marseilles would say it like 'pen'. Not sure if you find that interesting but just thought I'd add it lol.

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