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crazy girl

How to go to rue do"L Echiquier, Paris?

I will live in the following hotel soon,
Appart'hotel Citea, number 3 Place Charras, 1 rue de bitche, 92400, Courbevoie
I have to go to the following address from the above hotel, please tell me how to go to
41 rue do L'Echiquier, 75010 Paris, France ?

go by what transportation, bus (which Number) where is the bus stop? go by underground? where? which street? or by train? where is the station?
Additional Details
it seems that I should make a lot of transfer in transportation to the destination (my school). It is difficult for me because i only go by my own, never been to there. I have to go there everyday and then come back to the hotel at night. Is there any ways which requires less transfers, any direct route to that place, or only travel by one kind of transport? When i arrival at that hotel, i have to go to my destination the next day, i cannot handle this on my own and cannot be late to school. i am very very worried. Walking around La defense can be confusing, but i have to return to la defense every night maybe after 8pm. i have no idea. i want to cancel my study then.

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