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crazy girl

How to go to rue do"L Echiquier, Paris?

I will live in the following hotel soon,
Appart'hotel Citea, number 3 Place Charras, 1 rue de bitche, 92400, Courbevoie
I have to go to the following address from the above hotel, please tell me how to go to
41 rue do L'Echiquier, 75010 Paris, France ?

go by what transportation, bus (which Number) where is the bus stop? go by underground? where? which street? or by train? where is the station?
Additional Details
it seems that I should make a lot of transfer in transportation to the destination (my school). It is difficult for me because i only go by my own, never been to there. I have to go there everyday and then come back to the hotel at night. Is there any ways which requires less transfers, any direct route to that place, or only travel by one kind of transport? When i arrival at that hotel, i have to go to my destination the next day, i cannot handle this on my own and cannot be late to school. i am very very worried. Walking around La defense can be confusing, but i have to return to la defense every night maybe after 8pm. i have no idea. i want to cancel my study then.

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It's very easy with the métro (subway) as there will be only one connection. Plus the connection is at a station where only two lines meet, so you'll avoid the confusion of major connecting stations where several RER and métro lines meet.

1) Take métro line 1 towards Château de Vincennes .

2) Get off at Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre and change for line 7 toward La Courneuve - 8 mai 1945.

3) Get off at Poissonière (6th stop)

On the map, line 1 is the thin yellow line running east-west and line 7 is the light prink one running north-south.

Addition: instead of canceling your study, cancel your hotel reservation. To be honest the location sucks and appart-hotels are not cheap. You can find better and cheaper in Paris or closer to the métro in another suburb.

2nd addition: Your school is a small block away from the métro, it's a 1 or 2-minute walk. You can't get lost. Ask someone on the street the first time and then it will be easy.

Try putting Paris into your search engine. It will throw up several results. You should be able to get a street map and a metro map.Also put in the name of the hotel to see where it is.
Also try Google earth, put in all the information you have and you should get a good bird's eye view so that you can work out how far etc.
I think it may be a good idea to contact whoever you are going to see in rue L'Echiquier and see if they can help.
Sorry, this has not been very useful, but I don't know Paris.

Graham I
For public transport information go to
You can press the english language section if you need to.
Put the start address and destination in se deplacer / getting around boxes (you just need the street and the postcode) and it will give you a helpful route and maps.

The nearest RER/metro station is at La Defense. It is a walkable distance from your hotel (10-15 minutes) or you can get the bus which the RATP site will tell you about. Note that walking around La Defense can be very confusing, and potentially scary at night, because of the many office buildings, the disorienting layout, and the fact that there are multiple levels. Your destination is very near a metro station so there's no problem that end.

La Défense is not unsafe at night. There are just less people around, since it is after hour times.

if you need to see a more detailed map, look at the pedestrian map of La Défense:
Place Charras is in square B9.
The metro station "La Défense Grande Arche" is in square D7.

To go from one to the other, you can:
- walk (for about 10 minutes).
- take a bus (either 275 or 278). It take 5 minutes to get to the "Place Charras" stop (the second one).

=== EDIT

It's a good thing to prepare your stay. But you're worrying too much! Things will probably be easier than you anticipate.

1) Hotel in Charenton: Everything is true. The trip might even be shorter than 30 minutes.

2) Hotel at rue des étudiants in Courbevoie / La Défense: on the pedestrian map, the hotel in in square C4. Walking to the metro will be shorter than if you stay at Place Charras (also in Courbevoie). The walk is pretty straightforward. Nothing tricky at all.

As said before, the subway is so close to your destination that you just can't get lost. What I suggest is that you come with a map of the streets of Paris with you, in order of finding your way around. This will help you a lot.

And you can ask the staff at the hotel for additional directions and questions about anything.

For fares what I suggest you do is:
- at the airport: get a train (RER) ticket to Paris
- in any metro station: buy a "carnet" of 10 tickets. (11.50 euros). This is good way to get you started. This means a return trip to your school will cost you about 2.30 euros per day. If you decide to travel more often, a card can be interesting ("carte orange"). Just chat with other students about it.

With one ticket you can go anywhere within the metro system (lines 1 to 14) and RER system (lines A to E, but only for stops within Paris) or within the bus system. Connecting between bus and rail requires another ticket.

Don't forget you're going to meet students and people, so maybe you won't travel alone! Have a nice stay and mingle with other students to get the most of it!

Hello, I live in Paris.
You should take :
- BUS 275
STOP : LA DEFENSE (Grande arche)
(travel about 7 minutes)
- After, take RER A (UNDERGROUND):
Direction : Marne-la-Vallee Chessy
STOP : OPERA - AUBER station
(travel about 7 minutes)
- After, take METRO (UNDERGROUND) 8
Direction : Creteil-Prefecture (Hotel de Ville)
STOP : Bonne-Nouvelle station
(travel about 4 minutes)

You can view this on this webstite : (you can even have it in english version)

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