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Vishal Kashyap

How to settle in france?

I'm an indian. I want to settle in france. Mean what things i require to get a good job there. What would be the salary?
What should be the eligibility. Will english do for a job there?

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If you are not a citizen of the European Union you cannot simply decide to "settle in France" and get a job there, especially if your French is limited. Since the Schengen agreement, only EU nationals can move freely to France. Citizens of other nations are not allowed to settle anywhere within the European Union, and the few that do have to have special "competencies" which cannot not be offered by people already living there .

Speaking the language of the country where you want to move is a pre-requisite in the EU, and no employer will sponsor you if you don't. Non-EU citizens who want to settle and work there have to satisfy rigorous norms and demonstrate that they have "special skills" or excellent qualifications from a recognised university, or a pre-agreed job with an established firm on their soil that sponsors their entry. They have to obtain a visa before leaving their own country then get a resident's permit. In France a job will not be offered to a foreigner (even to a EU citizen) that does not speak French as there are already masses of highly qualified and skilled nationals competing for the few jobs that come up. Unemployment has been a serious problem for several years now, and even young graduates with brilliant degrees cannot find work.

If you are highly qualified in a particular area like Medicine or Engineering, you can investigate if you are eligible from the local French consulate of the state where you live, but you would still have to learn French before you can look for a job and be given a visa. To see where to enquire and what the conditions are to qualify , check the following website:

It would be nice to know what you can do. Computer engineering, marketing, banking or washing dishes?
First you have to find a job, and only then will you be allowed to come to France and ask for a resident permit. As right now we are in the middle of an economic crisis you'd need extraordinary skills to be invited to work in France, right now there's lots of highly skilled people looking for a job here.
No, English won't do for a job in France, we speak French here.

Jelly Beans ☺
yaar, you'll need to get used to it :o)

You need to contact the nearest French Consulate or Embassy. They will tell you what sort of visa you need etc. English only in France and a good paying job as well? Doubt it very much. It might be better for you if you tried England, the US or Canada.

I think you'll need French and fluent .

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