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What are physical characteristics of France's region?

^.^ need help on a project.

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I have no idea how many times I've had to review this for school... -_- So all the way in the south there are the mountains (Les Pyrénées). Higher up to the north, there is the Massif Central. That consists of mountains and plateaus. To the east, there are the Alps, which also go into Italy and Switzerland. Above the Alps is another chain of mountains, called the Jura. In the North, the land is flatter. There are five major rivers: La Seine, La Loire, La Garonne, Le Rhone and Le Rhin. Everyone knows where La Seine is: it runs from La Manche through Rouen and Paris. The Loire comes in from the Atlantic Ocean, goes through Nantes, Tours and Orleans and then goes down to the Massif Central. La Garone also comes from the Atlantic Ocean, goes through Bordeau and Toulouse, down to les Pyrénées. Le Rhone comes in from the Mediterranean Sea and goes up North, through Lyon. If I remember anything else, I'll edit.

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