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What food don't they have in Paris that's in the states?

I'm going to France in July and I'd like to bring some sort of food (or candy) that they don't have there...I'd like to give it to some of my European friends. What sorts of foods don't they have there that would be kind of like a novelty to bring? And if not food, is there anything else...?

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You can't find peanut butter anywhere except for specialty shops, and even then it is not the same at all. A good jar of Jif should do the trick. When I was living in Paris, I missed fresh fruit more than anything; I realize that's not very portable, but thats what I missed the most. Also, jelly beans are always good, as well as anything with cinnamon.

we don't have: cinnamon food like gums or rolls
root beer
color cup cakes
movie theater popcorn
pumpkin seeds

Coca Cola, McDonalds, just kidding...

France has everything that America has nowadays. They have Tex-Mex, Irish pubs, etc., etc.

You should bring the Collapse of the Third Republic by William L. Shirer to help them understand their history. But, I wouldn't bring that unless you know your European friends won't think you are suggesting American culture is superior to French. If Europeans get the impression you are conceited good luck or bon chance.

Apple Cinnamon
I live in France and I've been to USA once. I loved (and brought home) anything with peanut butter (especially Reese's cups) and cinnamon (gums). There are also Jelly beans, we have it here but very expensive. You can bring M&Ms if there are funny ones (like, for special events, I had the Halloween ones), they're always a pleasure. Of cours, everyone loves Oreos, and you have some kinds we don't have here. I recommend you go to Hershey's and choose everything that looks good. This place is amazing and we don't have anything of it.
I discovered Pop Tarts and I loved it, we definitly don't have it.
Oh yeah and one more thing: Maple Syrup (maybe not novelty, but always good)

Well that's it, have fun!

Barbeque. I mean the real stuff, not like McD.

Theresa P
I agree about a lot of this, but I'm going to issue what I think anyway.

- Peanut butter (only in big grocery stores there and very expensive)
- Oreos
- Cinnamon gum
- Reese's peanut butter cups
- Salted and buttered popcorn (they only have sugared)
- Hershey's kisses (it's very expensive in all of Europe)
- Brownie mix (does not exist in Europe)

In the US it's easy to find foods almost already prepared in a box, but not in France. Most things are fresh and the people shop everyday for their groceries. So anything you have like that would probably work.

Michael L
Krispy Kreme

This is what I usually bring back (but I'm American)...

-Reese's PB Cups (popular w/ my French friends)
-PB M&Ms
-Chinese Chicken Cha Cha sauce from Soy Vay (good w/ French people too)
-Mac & Cheese
-Cinnamon (can't spell sorry) gum; they either LOVE it or HATE it
-Jalapenos in cans (to make proper tex/mex)

i've found that, for some reason, they don't have peanut butter in england or france, maybe other european countries too. i mean, they have some at the store, but they don't have reese's/p.b. sandwiches/peanut butter cookies!

The only thing I can think of is peanutbutter. As far as candy goes, the chocolate in Paris is much better than the chocolate here. Grocery store chocolate is better there than the Godiva chocolate here. So, ditch the candy idea. Have a wonderful trip. I'm jealours! I love Paris. :)

While I was in Paris I had trouble find different types of candy bars that I like here, but I think I wasn't looking hard enough. They have almost everything that we do. Try something that is not always easy to find everywhere here like a french chew or mallo cup.

Curious girl
Seriously? My friends there always request Oreo cookies!

Dianna E
They don't have Hot Tamales or any thing like it there. When I go over I always take some to my friends there. I also take canned pumpkin since it's hard to find as well. Candy corn also goes over very well, can't find it overseas........

Hugh Jorgen
"Grits" and deodorant.

They dont have real Mexican food. Bring tortillas and other ingredants and make tacos and burittos.

Any kind of Mexican candies would be unique as well.

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