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Army Guy

Can i bring my pitbull to Germany?

I am military and have orders to Germany. I own a pitbull and want to bring him with me. I know there are restrictions but i want to know if there is any way to make it work... waivers etc...

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Cheshire Cat
Could you find a vet that"makes" your pit bull into a boxer mix (or anything else ?). That would be the safest way for your pet .
The APBT is banned in Germany & if you have bad luck they seize him and put him down. Do you fly with an military plane to Ramstein (if so , then you don't go through the german customs and it's ok ) Or do you fly to Frankfurt international ?Therefor I would not say that it is a pitbull . I would say it is a boxer mix or something like this .
Read this (offical note )

There is no quarantine !The dog must have the required shots (rabies) , and a health certification ( around 10 $ at your vet )and should be chipped .
Check here


Fenris Troll Ripper JPA RT ATL ®
I think Chesire answered you very well.

make sure all the shots and such are up to date and have the paper work and tell them it is a mixed breed or boxer as suggested unless you can go via the military right to the base!!

Good luck!

This is a very interesting question and therefore, I check on German websites and found this information:

Every dog entering Germany needs to show a recent rabies shot, needs to have a micro chip and a letter from the vet stating that the dog is in good health for traveling which cannot be older than 10 days.

They changed the law on (21. April 2001) that states: no dangerous breed (pit-bull, any pit-bull mix, etc.) can enter Germany.

However, there are certain exceptions you can take your dog with to Germany, you have to call the Germany consulate for further informations about this because the site wouldn't give me that particular information anymore.

Other exceptions for pit-bulls are, if someone is a tourist, visiting Germany for less than four weeks, dogs who assist the handicapped.

Check with your nearest German embassy and ask them this question.

AND YES, there was actually a German official checking our passports when we arrived on Ramstein AFB in Germany (2002) and also questioned what we were carrying with us. So, it doesn't matter if you take the dog via regular or the military plane.

AND, ......... whoever intelligent person is giving me a "thumb down" maybe should either learn about the new law; learn to read German or just don't participate in something they are not sure about 100% because at least I checked several pages. Have a nice day! LOL

I think they are banned. But even if you could bring it to germany there would be a quarantined period where you couldn't see your dog.

They are not "banned" per se. But there are restricitons, like him being on the leash when you're out and him wearing a ... d*** it, I don't know the word... him wearing something so he can't bite or lick people.
They will not "seize him and put him down" without any reason. They will do that if he ever viciously and out of no reason attaced a person and hurt them brutally. "No reason" means: out of nowhere, without being told to do so and without being provoced. Mind you, if you tell him to attac people, they will ut him down and you face charges. And even if he was provoced, it might depend on how much and in what way. That could still lead to charges against you and him being put down.
There are restricitons, but the savest thing for you to do would be to go to the German embassy and ask what kind of restrictions you face and what you can do to take your pet with you.

you should be able to. my sister got her pitbull over there, then PCSed back stateside, and went on leave and visited her friends back in Germany and brought the dog with her. Shouldn't be a problem. It's your pet. You can't exactly enroll them in DEERS but they're part of your family, hooah.

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