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Cigarette prices in Germany?

Im going to Germany this weekend and am wondering if anyone can tell me how much a 20 pack of cigs are over there?
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That is good news - much cheaper than the daylight robbery here in the uk - could u also tell me if Germany has a ban on smoking in public places as is common now in the rest of europe - or shall i be able to smoke like a beagle in a laboratory in the airport etc........

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So so so cheap - you can get them for a cple of euros here, which is about 2 - 3 pounds at most.
If you are not picky they can be cheaper - Germany is a nation of smokers - so stock up!!
Try Aldi or Lidl for the cheaper options!

Hello again - no you are in luck - there is no public smoking ban in Germany yet. It is being discussed - but as yet - puff away!!

They won't stop smoking here without a fight - I can guarantee - so you don't have to worry about having to smoke in the airport!
Some places don't allow it - but resturants, bars/pubs, train stations all allow smoking.

I would say that Germany is more of a haven for smokers than non-smokers!

4/6 euro

which brand?, almost all brands range from 4-6 Euros.

Much cheaper than the UK - you can buy the well known brands cheaper as well as others.
They are not that bad - come and try

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4 Euros which is about 5.50 to 6 bucks. Their cigs are a bit dry so take some from here, they are much better tasting.

Hi there, Cigarettes in Germany cost approximately £2.64 - (3.60 euros) for a pack of 19; and £3.32 - (4.90 euros) for a pack of 24. Have a great time!

shiberu g
4Euro for the most common cigarettes and there is also for 3.10€,3.60€

4.5 euros, but they dont taste too nice, take some of your own to smoke inbetween theirs! i did thankfully lol have a nice trip.

4-6 euros

Seems like you got many answers on prices. You can smoke inside in Germany. Some places do not allow it., or have dedecated areas.

just returned from Germany 2 weeks ago. Cigarettes are cheap at 4 Euros about 3.60 Pound. Also, you don't get stopped by customs in Germany with loads of cigs, as I brought 60 packets of tobacco back home with me.

Since they already informed you about the prices (too expensive in my opinion for a packet which does not even contain 20 cigarettes and if you buy them from a machine, they have even less cigarettes - I think 17), I will only add that Germany is relatively still a heaven for smokers. Of course, there are non-smoking airports (like the Schoenefeld in Berlin), but you can still smoke in most restaurants (in the smoking section), in some open train stations at specially designated areas, in bars etc. However, as it seems, they will change all this in summer, so enjoy it while you still can.

Paris Hilton
I bought a pack at a gas station and was so stunned at the cost to fill up the car with gas I didn't even notice..It costs a lot less than benzine...

geoff t
While it is right that prices vary between 4 and 6 euro depending on brand you may find difficulty in buying bulk amounts.Very few supermarkets and large stores now sell cigs.
Although it as not happened a few years ago the EU decided that as smokers were killing themselves cigs should only be available in chemists,an idea that came very close to being adopted in Germany.

the price of 20 is the same as the price for 10 in U.K. West is a good brand to buy, have fun Germany is brill!!

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