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How cold does it usually get in Germany?

What is the usual temp.(not exact, obviously) for Germany in the winter? Is it usually beyond cold, or is it like Wisconsin winters?

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In January it was -30 degrees celsius for almost the whole month.

Ive never been in Wisconsin, sorry. But I can tell you that winter in Germany is pretty changing. Sometimes, during middays it may get as warm as 2 degrees, maximum 4, which is pretty hot for winter there. But I also remember, last winter we had a night or two with MINUS 20, maybe -22. So... it changes. But in general, last winter it was always around -10. I am talking about central Germany, specially Hessen. Bayern (south east) it gets even colder xD dont ask me why but it does... u can watch it when ure in germany, on the weather report (even its in south). and in north, its similar to central, perhaps a bit colder, but not extreme =)

I'm right now near Munich area, and it's get very cold here. Last week was snow here already. It's get very cold in winter here and usually always snowing.

That depends a bit of the region in the south -10 C are quite common at towards the sea it is a bit milder
I ll add the official German meteorological institute site
You find statistics for the region on there

Germany very cold I prefer Turkey so much but in Turkey no jobs poor country

Resident Troll
very cold - especially if you meet Fred the Ripper

Germany's winters can get quite chilly. Up north there is less snow fall, but more cold rain. Down south you would find more snow, but less rain. All across Germany winters definitely get cold though. Winter jackets, warm sweaters, boots, scarfs and gloves are a must.

Hope this helps!!


the part of germany im from 20. im from munich.

got the time
WOw, when I read this question, I was thinking "It's like Wisconsin winters", but then I thought...I doubt this person knows what that is like...ironic. Yeah, it is a lot like Wisconsin, but they aren't AS bad. It doesn't get as cold and normally there isn't as much snow...of course, that depends on the region.

Alwin E
Currently, we have October, and the cold went down to -6 °C in the night.

So, how low can it get? I know little about Wisconsin (as a matter of fact, I don't know anything), but Germany is a country where winter temperatures depend much on height above sea level:

I live in a place in Bavaria which is 600 meters above sea, and it snows soon here. Just ten kilometers away, there's a mountain which raises 1400 meters above sea, and there's usually snow in winter. And temperatures vary between some +10 and -20 centigrade.

Expect something like that, with an average everywhere in Germany of a sunny +10°C during daytime and a maybe frosty -15°C in the night. It all depends on height here: 50 meters above sea level make a great difference to, say, 800. It makes the difference whether you want to go fishing or go skiing and hunt deer.

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