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Lily B

How long does it take a package to get from the USA to Germany?

I want to send my boyfriend who is in the Army stationed in Germany some things, and I was wondering if I sent him something like brownies from home if they would still be good by the time they got there. I was also thinking of sending him some other goodies, too, but I want to make sure they'll still be fresh. Thanx for any answers!
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Thanx for your replies. They're very helpful!

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I live in Germany and my boyfriend often has items posted here. It depends on which service you use but it will take up to 2 weeks - the time does depend on the service used..

The brownies should be fine - pack them in an air-tight box, and they should get to him in top condition!

He is lucky!!

Well since its Apo it will be sent to New york after that it is put in military mail which takes 1 to 2 weeks .Brownies should be good just make sure they are packed good.

they just changed the post service! It takes 7-10 days unless you send it with express! with fedex it's there the next day!!!

Simone P
it's like grunt says. its APO , so it's up to the army postal service after new york. but under normal conditions 7-12 days.

Dan C
You can check cost and time for packages at, or If you do airmail, brownies should arrive without going bad.

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