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lori t

I need free travel brochures from Germany!?

Additional Details
I would say the southern part of Germany. From Stuttgart to Garmisch. I can't wait to go there! I am going in May. Thanks!

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Send a mail to this email ID.


You are sure to get materials. Please include the following details.

1. Locations / cities you are planning to visit
2. Duration of your visit
3. Time of visit (May as in your question)
4. Language of the materials that you need (They send English materials only on demand)
5. Your phone and E Mail IDs for them to verify, incase they need to
6. Your Mailing / postal address. They send by First class mail - Not by any courier.

The above mail ID is for the tourism department at Frankfurt.

All the best. We are planning to visit Germany too in March and I reveived good information including Maps from them last week.

All the Best.

Alwin E
If you'd specify the area you're interested in, maybe some of us Germans could help you with some brochures; but most tourist offices don't send their free brochures abroad any more because of the cost of postage. You should rather refer to the respective websites. Sometimes you can download complete brochures as pdf, or even videos.

Thanks for the addition. Now, the area you want to go is m,ostly Bavaria. You should check out on the internet for cheap accommodation; there are quite a lot of offers. Don't take the first one you find.

I answered another question on this board about cheap travel with the "Bayernticket", that's a train ticket that's valid within one federal state and can be valid for up to five persons; but for one person, it will be cheaper. Check it out at the local railway station or with the bus driver at the local transport company. These people really can be helpful.

The first days you're in Germany you might find German people rude and the language they speak really rough. They won't greet you, for instance, as YOU are supposed to do so, as the foreigner; but once you know the key phrase "Sprechen Sie Englisch?" [Spray-can see English?], you'll melt the ice immediately. I'm sure.

There are lots of travel brochures out there...just google. I know for a fact that Garmisch-partenkirchen has a great brochure in English On this website you can order the brochures you need.
Also google "Bayern" or "Bavaria" and tons of great tourism websites pop up. Google the cities like Stuttgart too.
I personally can recommend "Rothenburg ob der Tauber"
It's very cool!!! have fun in Germany!

Google stuff like "Nurenberg" or "Nuernberg", "Rothenburg ob der Tauber", "Wuerzburg", "Passau", "Regensburg", "Nymphenburg castle", "Residenz Muenchen" or "...Munich", "Heidelberg", "Loreley",...
That will give you a lot of information. Also check the internet for "Limes", it's the former border between the areas occupied by the Roman empire and the native germanic people. There are numerous forts restaurated. Might be interesting!

Have fun in Germany!!

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