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I will be traveling to Germany in November, December and need to know what to wear, both clothes and shoes.?

I don't want to look like a tourist. Also, do not want to spend too much money.

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Bring a warm coat some pullovers warm winter shoes.
No summer clothing winter is cold in Germany

Tittless Jill
It is well known Germans and other Europeans are comfy being naked so most of the time they run around neked or in winter if it is too cold to do that they wear a fur from some wild animal they have chased in the woods.

well for clothes you will need to wear long sleve shirts and long pants trust i lived here for like 2 years and it gets cold in like october and it keeps going till march and also you will need boots and wool socks or any kind of socks that you think will keep your feet warm and also you will need to wear more than one shirt have fun in germany!!! =]

Dance Maniac
well i would wear things like long summer dresses and if you have anything like high heals you would fit in just fine

Just focus on being warm. I can say that for Berlin, most people go for practicality above fashion. You didn't exactly say where in Germany, but pack warm, comfortable winter boots, walking shoes, parka, woolly hat and gloves. If you are going somewhere like München, think more about style because people tend to dress snobbishly there.

dress like you would for the northern US - same climate. remember, Rome is on the latitude of NYC, and it's 1000 km further south from where you'll be.

wear a nice brown shirt, with smart jack boots

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