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Nonverbal communication in germany?

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Let me clue you in on something I found very surprising when I was stationed in Germany. you can get a fine for "hand signals" of certain types, i.e. the one finger peace sign.

You can also get nailed for giving some the U.S version of the OK sign! (Thumb and forefinger forming a circle, other three fingers extended.) In Germany, this means you are calling someone a "rectum". (I used rectum since you can't spell asshole on Yahoo! Answers.)

There are many hand signs in Europe that are different from the U.S versions, and I never did learn them all. One of the other signs that was bad news with the locals was the Texas Aggie "Hook 'em Horns" sign. (Forefinger and pinkey extended, thumb over ring and middle finger.) This is giving someone a "hex" over there.

Hope this helped, but I'm a little rusty. I'm sure if you got hold of someone who was stationed there recently they would know more.

I think your question is incomplete.

Hi.Greetings from Germany.Yes, we have nonverbal communication in Germany; even more intensive than in states, but completly different from yours.

They still put the verb at the end?

Same as in the Congo.

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