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What do German people look like?

Hair color, facial structure, eyes, height, build, etc.? I'm just looking for generalizations here. Please don't feel compelled to point out that Germans can look like anything because anyone can move there, because I KNOW that. What do MOST Germans look like?

I've always heard that Germans were mostly blonde with blue eyes, is this true?

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Germans all look different, and they aren't mostly blond and blue eyed. There are all shades of eye colors from bright blue to dark brown, and all shades of hair colors from bright blond to dark brown, some Germans have black hair, but it's rare. They have different facial structures, height, build etc. That's not just because anyone can move here, but because Germany is quite in the center of Europe, with Scandinavians in the North, Slavic people in the East and the Mediteranian people in the South, and there were always migrations over centuries, so Germans probably belong to the "most mixed" peoples of Europe, if it is possible to say it like this.

I am nearly 100% of German ancestry and I am tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. German people vary greatly because the country ranges from being north near Scandanavia, and south towards the Alps and almost to northern Italy! I suppose the average of all German people would be light brown hair with blue or hazel eyes, and of average height.

sexy......if thats what u mean

It's not true that most of use are blonde and blue eyed.
What's true is that we mostly have light skin but many germans use a tanning booth or make vacations in mallorca because they want to a darker skin.
Most germans are quite tall, especially men.
We actually look the same like other north europeans or north americans.

Don't worry, I wondered the same question before I moved to Germany. They look like everyone else. Some have blond hair and blue eyes and the others are dark hair with dark eyes. Some have whitter skin and some have dark skin. It is pretty much a different range of types of people. Some are tall but some are very short.

Steven Keith
There are all sorts of Skin colors, ranging from light to dark. Same with the hair.

The biggest thing I noticed when vacationing there was two things.

1. There are some exceptionally beautiful women there, and
2. There are some EXTREMELY LARGE men there.

Do you know they look eversomuch like Dutch people.

No - they are not mostly blonde with blue eyes.

The predominant features, as with with most Northern Europeans, is brown hair, brown eyes, medium height (around 6ft and under).

The archetype is that they all have huge moustaches, wear leather shorts, slap their thighs and dance around in beer kellars.

Alex S
There's nothing specific. Blond and blue eyes
is a stereotype that dates back to the roman
empire. Back then it was true. But that time is
long gone. Germany's location wouldn't allow
a specific appearance to evolve or to remain
over a longer period of time these days. As a
matter of fact most Germans do not have blue
eyes or blond hair.

i`m german with blonde,blue eyes,oval face,average height,some germans have brown hair and hazel eyes

Kay Neine
take a look

i am german blonde and green eyes

I'm sure 60 to 200 years ago it may have been easier to generalize.
Now with better nutrition and mixed nationality/race marriages & relationships it's hard to pinpoint common characteristics.

I've always thought/heard the common generalized physical characteristics were as follows:
Medium to tall in stature with a sturdy build...good bones & deceptively strong.
Brown to blonde hair shades with a straight to wavey hair texture.
Light, green, hazel, not too many brown.
Soft, rounded facial features not chiselled.
Pale to medium skin tones.

But these days who knows... anything goes unless there are people in a town in the middle of Germany who didn't venture out over the last few dozen centuries (I'm not talking inbreeding either)... Maybe they would display the "typical German characteristics"?

I didn't help did I.

germans look all in all like the americans, but they are not straightn their hair as much as they do over here

No its not true. Hitler wanted all Germans to be like that though. I got blonde hair and blue eyes =)

yes it´s true , Germans are mostly blond with blue eyes not as tall as Americans but not as small as Spanish people

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