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What do teens wear for swimwear in Germany? (are Speedo briefs okay, not boardshorts)?

Next summer we're going to Germany and France... I thought most Europeans guys/teens/boys wore Speedos.

Is this true, false, or somewhat true? I prefer these from my swimteam but never get to wear them out much to the beach or pool because it's too embarrassing in the USA if not competing in a race or with a girl or something.

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Che is right! Don't wear them if you are not a known member of the local swim team, or you will be the guy with the big bad virtual "L" stitched to his forehead. "Cool" guys don't wear them at all, though some prefer to wear them UNDER their surfer shorts, but when a girl finds that out, it is a sure way to get made fun of. Go with surfer shorts if you don't want to be the dork.

I'd definitely suggest shorts!!! DEFINITELY!!!

Speedos are for guys in their midlife-crisis who want to show that they still got it... Totally uncool for everyone between 12 and 30!

Alwin E
To decide what to wear, visit some online store of one of the big mail retailers (for Germany: Quelle, Neckermann, Otto, Schwab, and others) and look for "Bademoden / Herren" ("swimming outfit / males"). That'll give you an overview of what is worn, and speedos are not at all out of fashion. They used to have the "string" version for males for quite some time, but that really looked silly. So they returned to "normal" speedos, and that's quite fine.

I'd suggest you don't search on the internet, but instead go into a regular shopping mall in Germany and buy a "Badehose". You'll be shown everything that's currently worn. Select one, and then buy and wear it. -- Hint to sizes: I have a "5" or "6" for speedos, that's medium. Sizes go up to 8 or 9, but that's a waist size where I'd really not recommend speedos any more.

Being over 50 my 'Cool' days are long gone. I do know from experience with younger friends that some indoor swimming pools in Germany do not allow the long surfer styles because they absorb too much water. Maybe an 'Expert' here can comment on that.
Also the comments on showing off in a Speedo are more or less correct. I do find that funny, because in many 'swim' places in Germany(Not sure about France?) you do not need a bathing suit at all.
I go to several swim areas(indoor/outdoors, lakes) in the greater Frankfurt area and a good rule to follow is this; For doing laps and swim team type stuff a Speedo style is fine.
For looking cool or stylish a longer surfer style/boardshorts are good.
I would suggest you bring both and when you are here you will see what the other boys/guys are wearing and then you can decide.

NO SPEEDOS!!!! I am german, im living in germany and i say you: take boardshorts! I cant remember to saw a "cool guy" in speedos....


I live in Germany and can tell you that Speedos are very popular here - I peroanally don't like them - so it can be very funny when I go swimming here!!

So yes------ wear them with pride!! Germans love them!! ( well not all Germans!)

Men still wear "speedos" in Germany as well as younger males, but in the next generation, may wear the long knee "surfer" type shorts these days.

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