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Roy K

Who would win in a War between Germany and Britain now?

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Dizzy Duck
Of course Germany,watch out mate!

The Answerer!
lets say that a war breaks up (impossible between them)
lets say that no allies interfere (impossible 2)
who is gonna win? dont know propably Germany
who is gonna lose>? inocent people
Germany is not like 1945
Stop playing so much Call of Duty

Alwin E
Oh, come on! They humiliated us in that football match; no, not again! We surrender!

(But we'll dig a tunnel to Scotland.)

Do you like to start a war? I don´t! Don´t see a reason for it.

Someone who knows it
What a stupid question that is!

Come to EU then you will notice there is no war between GB and D.

hay guise
They're both members of NATO so I'm not sure how that would work. Probably it would create a DIV 0 error and the universe would implode.

Richo Fev
I know this is just a fun question, so I'll answer.

I'll say Britian, in a tight contest.

Strange question but since Germany does not have a "professional" full-fledged armed forces per se (i.e. "strictly" defensive) they simply do not have military resources to stand up to one of the world's viable military superpowers. Remember UK has everything the US does but in a smaller, more compact scale.

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