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Adult Shop in Kolkata?

Are there any adult toys/games shops in Kolkata? I need to gift a friend a 'toy' as her honeymoon gift.

I want to add that I want to buy something that both my friend and her husband can enjoy in their future sex life. Please let me know where it is available in Kolkata? If possible give indication of cost too?
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Does no one in Kolkata have ANY idea?

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yes there is one in forum.. there is a shop in forum which deals with toys and stuff.. basically it is an under garment shop..

Swapan, The Dream
Officially there is no such shop in Kolkata.
Unofficially there is one shop in Forum Shopping complex in Elgin Road who can arrange it for you.

You need to go and find out personally.

There is no adult shops in Kolkata.

Atleast in the beginning toys are not required. Let them first enjoy their honeymoon with the god's gifted toys. You present something else instead of searching toys in Kolkatta.

Sex is not everything in the marriage life, After they pass the initial period of their marriage life sex will not be no more execitment it will only be an routine to daily life. The thing that exists life long is love, caring, trust. Better give such type of gifts to your close friend iam sure she will defintely remember you through out your life time.

it is crime to sell or purchase sx toys in india

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