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How can we promote tourism in our country?

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Good question !!
Indian Tourism Industry is really great one !! But, The Government and all people who are interested in tourism Industry should realize its importance and help to grow !!
All the same old British or Hyder period Govt. Policies must be changed in India,to suit for the Modern Era.For example, there is no clear rules & regulationsavailble in any Railway Stations or Railway TimeTable about the Bulk Booking of Train tickets for
tour customers by the Small Tour Organisers whoplay major role in not only promoting tourism but also create employment / self- employment opportunities in many ways. Apart from that, Uniform National level Road Tax Policy must be introduced in view of developing Tourism industry.But the present set up is threatning all small Tour Organisers which is unaffordable which pathetically prevents the development of tourism industry.The National Level Body should be formed by theGovenment and Privates where small Tour Organisers participation will not be ignored, becausethe target is same. ie. promoting indian tourism industry.Capacity of Buses and Mini Buses should be legally decided by the Buses/ Mini Buses owners and not bythe Officers who are unaware of the importance theabove freedom of legally choosing the capacity of the vehicles. And more over the Road Taxes of suchTourist Vehicle must be affordable and helpful to grow indian tourism industry.Above all, I request all the concerned:" help Small TourOrganisers In india by making the Govt. Policies simple and easier and help us to become proudableTax Payers for the country".

Jeevan Kumar Mittal, 1956
By doing our own duty. If Govt. staff does his own life cleaning, repairing, maintenance, improvement etc. India can attract more foreign tourists.

Just Me
By working to elminate the crushing poverty which is so widespread there. Who wants to see slums and beggars while on holiday?

Ramsay James
If U mean Andamans, people are already flocking there to view the Circular Jail.They no longer think that there is any stigma attached to Andamans.

if it is india means , try to improve lodeing facility in sub-urban cities and in all district headquarters, and try to give publicity and importance of that perticular places like what they do in USA

For tourism, we should exclude the participation / interference of BABUS, and automate the process (- atleast to start with for the big places starting TAJ, Ajanta, Suryamandir, Vrindavan garden , etc.. ) .
Say for the purposes like - visa processing, online ticketing, online booking.

Tourism, very much needs strong Advertising from Media, websites ( ), etc
Our site ( OR need to improve a lot on the website presentation and other accesses - like mapping and realities.

We need good services FOOD, Travel , Lodging ( Though most of the people good to render these services).

We also have to identify not only present places and but other existing but hidden places to project them as Tourist places.

Say in places like jeju korea look at Hexagonal Seaside Rocks (, they have been projected and taken care so - If we explore our world , we have much more than anyone. This is simply proved by POSCO's inspiring statement - "Resources are limited, creativity unlimited”

The implementation needs a different kind of Ready Easy PLANS for tourist -so they can easily choose the PLAN to travel.

Finally, we also need to implement special security policies to avoid bad experiences at Tourist places.

It is a safety issue. A lot of people think of certain areas in India as being dangerous. I have heard great things about India from some friends who live there, but often times, India is looked on as an overpopulated, third world country. I think that will change in the future because India is growing in industry and several other areas. Good question, I hope you liked my answer. I want to be honest with you, but I don't think India is a bad country, it has many strengths and weaknesses like pretty much every other country on earth.

get a decent cricket team it seems to work for us aussies


hope this helps dude

Just be honest and dont cheat tourists. Thats the most basic and simple thing you can do as a citizen of India.

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