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urvish p

How can you take a dead body to india???

how much will it cost????
what's the process???
which company does it???

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i am sorry for u..whoever died.

u talk with the airlines, the will give u exact figure. the price depends on the size of the place the dead body is taking - the size of the coffin. and, yes - its very expensive.

im not sure but i need to find out too just in case ,.,.

Most funeral homes can make arrangements to transport the deceased home in an appropriate and respectful manner. The cost is determined by how many connections, how much handling of the casket, and what the airline charges.

Sorry about your loss. Get in touch with the High Commission.

I am not a transportation expert. You can arrange to have the body transported by an airplane from a different country. You'll have to check with an airline for procedures and cost.

Silly One
very carefully

milton b
Start with a mortician in you area, they should be able to answer most of your questions or direct you the the people who can.

i am glad you asked.its always cheaper to do it yourself,so i would use a row boat to get to india with said body then rent a camel (2 humps not 1). insert body inside camel then call a tow truck to tow your camel to your destiantion. p.s. get camel insurance because obviously the camel with be dead and to deal with that is a huge ordeal.your next question would be what do i do with a dead camel? if you must use a service call punjabbies carcass hauling they are pretty good.

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