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Indian railway reservation, when we book Waiting List we get 2 numbers ex:WL100/WL 20 . what is first one?

For ex: WL100 / WL50 . Here second one stands for current status of mine . What is that first one mean? . Looks like this number is different from day to day for same train . Is it mean max. no seats ??? .. If so, can i assume that there is a possibility of adding more seats in the particular day if the count is more?? Can any one clarify me ?? ...And is there any site which provides statistics for WL to confirmation for train tickets??

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The first number gives your position after the waitlisted tickets was started to be given. Say if you have got 5 as this number it means that there are 4 more people who have got waitlisted ticket. This series number is very helpful to find the status in the final chart.
The second number is the current status.
Say if you have got WL5/WL4, it means that one person above you has already cancelled his ticket. He can be either a waitlisted guy above you or one in confirmed /RAC status

k.p d
first one is the staus when booked second one is current status

WL100 / WL50 means:
Total passengers waitlisted = 100 including you till the time of your reservation; out of which 50 have already been upgraded to RAC and now the actual waitlist is for 50 only.

The first number (WL 100) will always in increasing order but the second number (WL 50) will vary according to cancellation of tickets and seat available.

The first Wl is the wait list when u had booked and the second is the one the current status.

To know more of this visit, www,

Go to this site and get your answer:

WL100 = Waitlisted 100 on the original list (this is useless information to you). I'm not sure if this number will ever change. If it does it would reduce as your current status reduces.
WL 20 = your current wait listed status.

Addition of coaches is a logistics decision and there is no way to predict it.


jolly boy
U can check uar exact number at

the first wl no indicates the original wait list status for that train and date of journey. (ie without any cancellation) the second wl no indicates the actual status of the ticket after the cancellation of previous booked tickets till that point of time.

Subhasis G
Logically, you cannot be pushed down a list as ticket booking is a FIFO process. If anyone books after you, he can only have a higher WL Number.

The site si or if you have booked through irctc, its

Keeping this in view, the first number is the status when you booked, the next is the current status.

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