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Is it safe to stay wid my gf in paharganj area hotel.we r goin frm bnglr.I m afraid of any police raid?

As we r unmarried and also it illigal to stay like tht in a hotel.
will we be denied a stay in any hotel.will the hotel stuff ask any questions.plz advice

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you are committing a sin,why r u afraid of Police raid, if you are adult and have the faith on each other go freely as you wish.

ash m
it depends on whether ur GF has a criminal histroy - joking

no one wil ask questions


In paharganj, minimum questions asked.

not a good place to stay though. you need to provide i card in Delhi for a hotel, so be sure to carry one.

try Ginger near rly stn.. it was earlier xxx yatri nivas.. something.

Or Karol Baug, but would be little expensive as compared to paharganj.

And police raid? how many hotels police would go to? every other building has a hotel there.

if u are a cheap charlie travelling on a low budget then stay in paharganj. i will never take my gf in that area. its disgusting there. try staying in siddharth hotel karol bagh or some 3 to 4 star near delhi airport no questions asked.

I would suggest Karol Bagh area.
Please tell that you are married to avoid any problem.
Dont be scared buddy, you are not doing a sin.

Regarding answer of Mr V K Garg, Delhi Police is famous for troubling even married couples.

Jessie B
There are many hotels and they are all full of people from all over. So you don't have much chance of being raided unless you do something visibly illegal. One suggestion would be not to go out very late at night, to be extra safe. No worry about being unmarried, but you both should have ID, just in case.

I have stayed in several hotels in Paharganj. They range from bad to acceptable but staff don't care much about who you are or what you are doing as long as you pay.

fully faltu
if u both trust each other i don't think there is going
2 b any problem if u tell yr gf to wear 'chuda' 2 show that u both have recently got wed.

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