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where can unmarried couple can share a room a hotel room in north india???

hi... i m planning to spend a weekend with my gf at some place where we can get a room in a hotel to share... i guess we can't get a room in delhi hotels...i went to shimla some time back and it was not a problem there... but i am looking for some place which is near to delhi... shimla was too expensive... please suggest some places where we can get a room , a safe room to live together... some place where it's not much of a problem... please tell me the hotel names as well ... what bout chandigarh, amritsar, jaipur, agra??? or any other places? please help...

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Swapan, The Dream
Officialy in no where in India its allowed.
Either you need to cheat or hotel people needs to ignore.
Try and try.
Why don't you try some friend's house !

In india, staying together in hotels without marrying is illegal. Police come for raid most often in many hotels all over the country right from small tourist to five star hotels. If they catch you, then you will be fined and your girl friend will be called as prostitute taking to court and photo publishing in news paper with 6 month imprison or penalty. So, its very very risky for unmarried to stay in hotel room.

why you need a room ?
you want use gun without collecting the license !!
not possible, in India its not allowed.

Get married.

anu m
the whole point is hotel asks you for your marriage lisence as proof before letting you take up a room. u dont need to tell them they will not ask. Just act as a couple, pretend you are married for the benifit of the hotel n u have it all worked out.

There are plenty of place you can go to..Jaipur is one, Nainital, manali, look arount there are plent of options as long as u keep up your act of being a couple and dont advertise the fact that you are not married you can get a hotel room in any decent location.

but give jaipur a try ..people are more tolerant and are used to having lots of tourists over who may or may not be married. jus remember dont get to cosy in public and in holy places..n u'll be safe. go enjoy.

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