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Are there black people in Ireland?

Are there black people in Ireland? How are they treated? Are they accepted or is there discrimination? I'm actually planning on vacationing there and checking out the UK too-will I be welcome?

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There are quite a few African immigrants living here now. Up until 2 years ago, we had a law that any child born here was automatically an Irish native, and their families automatically got to stay here to raise them. Unfortunately, we had a referendum to change this clause in the constitution, and enough narrow-minded people voted in favour to get this changed.

A lot of Africans of all ages have been deported since then, and it sickens me to see it, as many had settled very well here, and built happy new lives.

I think for visitors here, the majority of us are very friendly and interested in the cultures and experiences of others, but just about anywhere you will meet a few bad apples, who tend to spoil the flavour of the whole barrel!

To answer your question, you will indeed be welcome, but please ignore any who make you feel less than so. The majority will welcome you with open arms, and any others are just full of gas; they will back off once they see you aren't intimated by their ignorant talk.

My husband and I have visited a couple of times...he is black. We had no problems whatsoever and both of us want very badly to move there permanently...we LOVE it!! On the occasions we have been there, we always see black people as well as many other races. Ireland is very welcoming to anyone and will definitely show you a great time. :-) Go and enjoy yourself...have a Guinness for me!!

There are black people in Ireland. Although there were definitely more white people there, everywhere that I went both blacks and whites were in mixed groups, so I do not think that you would have a problem. I have also been to London where I found more black people, and also saw no problems.

Lots of black people and yes you will be welcomed

There are now a lot of guest workers in Ireland, and I did see a large number of black people both visiting and working in Ireland. I'm sure that there are some prejudiced people in Ireland, but I found the majority of people there to be extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors.

The Irish have a reputation for accepting refugees, so there are many black people from African countries. The Irish are naturally friendly and curious, so they just come right up and talk to you. (We were there over 9-11 and a number of folks came over to tell us how badly they felt for America once they heard our accents. We're white BTW). I read the Irish papers and don't hear of the kinds of discrimination there that is here in the US. Check out their website I am linking:
I don't think the British are as open and friendly, but there are a LOT more black people in London than Dublin. The majority of them are from the Caribbean, although they do have a larger African population now than they did when I lived there long ago.
Have fun-enjoy yourself!:)

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everywhere you go, even you home town there's discrimination

I visited Ireland 3 years ago and did see black people. They obviously were not prevelant, but they were there. I have to believe that you would be welcome, because they as a whole, the Irish were some of the nicest people I have ever been around. I wish people of all colors were that friendly in the States.

In addition, that was one of the best trips I have ever taken and can't wait to visit again. Enjoy your trip!!

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Yeah Mostly refugees from something in Africa, They are mostly involved in the drug trade Although they have also been known to Rape and murder.

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