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Can I travel from the United States to Ireland on a ship??

Looking for a way to get from the United States to Ireland without having to fly. We want to take a ship or boat if any are available.

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Carnival Cruise has transatlantic cruises into France. From there you can take a ferry into Cork or Waterford

Sure thing! Take the Queen Mary 2 to England and then a ferry across to Ireland. No problems.

yes you can you can even swim if you want to

Here's Link to the Queen Mary 2 homepage.
The Cunard Line also has the Queen Elizabeth 2, and the Queen Victoria will launch at the end of 2007. The website is very easy to use and organized to help travellers who access it.

Also, travel on a Freighter (cargo ship) is another option. Here's a link to that. It's an link, so there are lots of other links on the page to click that have other information.
And Freighter World.

It looks like Freighters charge anywhere from $65.00 per day to $130.00 per day, so it's much cheaper than Cruise Ship travel. This is definitely the option I would take.
Good Luck and Have Fun on Your Trip.

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