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sara b

Can you drive from ireland to england?

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Motet Galaxy
If you have an amphibious car you can drive to England. But it is possible to drive from Ireland to the UK.

you could take a ferry
a small petion has been put down to build a tunnel from northern ireland to enlgand
stupid really if you ask me,
it was the least signed petion in parliment.

but you cant really, because it is locked by a large sea, well many large seas

It is not possible to drive from the Republic of Ireland to England. It IS possible to drive from the Republic of Ireland to the UK tho - you just drive across the border to Northern Ireland.

If you want to go to England from Republic it's best to take one of the many ferries or fly.

Flying, by the way, is NOT more expensive. I have flown many times to England and it's much cheaper by plane - and quicker.

alan m
Not possible. I tried it a couple of times but on both times water came through the sunroof connections. So annoying. Maybe nice time I will get a more powerful car.

J.J. V
No, unless you meant drive a boat/ship.

Podge and Rodge Tribute Band
You can if you're James Bond and have one of those amphibious car thingamajigs.

if your car is ambhibious or it can fly then yes.or you could get a ferry and bring your car

look at a map and you'll see a sea between ireland and england

No, you have to ferry or fly. The sea is rough between England and Irelend, and you may want to bring a barf bag if you get sea sick easily. Flying is more expensive, but better...unless you happen to get air sick. Better take those travel sickness pills in any case.

Well, you should turn the car engine off when you are on the ferry...

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