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How many, if any black people live in Ireland?

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Giethoorn - Little Venice of the North
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I don't know why everyone is saying this is a stupid question. I live in a town in the South east and to be honest might not see a black person for weeks at a time. You could walk around the town any Saturday and not see any.

As Charlie said there are quite a few black people in the south of Ireland probably significantly more than in the North.
Alan M, so the northern "British" are far more tolerant of other races are they? Those loyalists in Sandy Row didn't seem to get on to well with those Romanians last year did they? Not to mention that various loyalist groups have had connections with far-right groups and neo-Nazis in Britain
Once again keep up the hilarity.

Sl√°inte xxxx
I don't have exact numbers but there are all over of my son's best friends where we live his parents are from Kenya but he was born here & his mum & I are good friends also.... I don't go around counting them to be honest.... I do think people integrate well here though...& before anyone says Irish people are racist, one of that boys friends said to my son when he was going into his friends house 'no whites allowed in here'.shocked me that was said to my son.... & when I do see that boys mum I will say it to her as am sure if it was the other way around they would be claiming racism...

Orla C
As usual Alan M hasn't a clue ...

While there aren't a huge number of black people living here, I see them in larger towns and cities now, they have become part of the community. I am sure that there are some black kids playing on GAA teams now too - why not? If they love the sports and enjoy playing them.

The Irish Census of 2006 shows there were 3,559,384 Irish people and 612,629 from other countries here on Census night, making a total of 4,172,013.
That 612,629 included 42,764 from Africa and 55,628 from Asia, which includes many darker coloured people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as oriental people.
There were 38,301 from America, but the statistics don't tell us their skin colour.

In 2010 the numbers are probably higher.

Guillaume D
There are a few. tyrelstown in dublin, for example is mostly inhabited by the nigerian community.But otherwise,there are way more Eastern Europeans (Although more and more decide to go back to their own countries,now that theres very few jobs) asians,and a small french community in dublin.

There is black people all over Ireland north south east and west i know a few who play for local GAA teams in the north here. Anal m produces another classic answer " its the way he tells them".
@anal m if i was black it would be better than being orange

Dr john Smith
Its really bad here at the minute. We don't actually allow black people to live in Ireland, they have to stay on an island off the coast and we send them out food once a week. I think they enjoy themselves out there......

Can i ask....are you American.

1.1% of the people in Ireland are black. That is about 45,700 people. See article below about black people in Ireland.

Thousands .
Dublin now has it's own Little Africa, and China Town, and Romanians, Poles, Asians, Arabs etc, are all part of our society now.
We are a multicultural country.
You are American right ?

of course there are black people in ireland

"if any"

Are you broken?

Trust Me I'm a Doctor ‚?•
14,603 I counted them all myself

If any?? Are you a troll or just stupid?

Alan M
THey do in the northern British part but not in southern Ireland. Wrong color of skin religion etc.
Orla Nearly every answer agreed with me yet you personalise it again . !
Edna is the only black person on this site. Interesting ?

Tommy G
Not many...Id love to see a black leprachun with a Irish accent, though. I can't really even picture that.

Haha, I just noticed that.

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