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k. renee.

How much would it cost to move to Ireland from the United States,assuming I could? And is this crazy? ?

It could be a phase, I don't know. I want to get through dental school here in the United States and graduate, work for awhile somewhere and get some money stashed up...and then I want to move to Ireland I think and start work over there. I mean it will be awhile and who knows if they'll need a dentist anywhere available..but could such a thing be feasible? I have great grandparents from Ireland and I want to live and retire there.

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I was a patient at the Dublin Dental School and Hospital, which is based in Trinity College, on Monday last. I was surprised by the huge percentage of dentists operating in the clinic which were foreign nationals. Mostly from Middle East and the States, judging by their accents.
Visit the website at and suss it out. Maybe you will be able to make contact with the student or graduate body and strike up a friendship with a fellow American, who will give you some real feedback firsthand.
Dentistry is considered an elite profession here and I suspect is very close knit and perhaps even a clique. I have never seen a poor one yet.
Your great grandparents nationality may even entitle you to an Irish Passport and would exempt you from obtaining work visas etc. It' s well worth exploring the possibility.
Good Luck

before you make a move like this it is wise to visit and get any kind of work permits and whatever through the Irish gov't, depending on where you want to live. You just need to research this a lot. I don't think its crazy at all, its just a little more work and planning than a move somewhere in the US.

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Well there's plenty of us here with bad gnashers so you won't be short of work as long as they turn up.
We're terrified of the dentist. The last time we went, DeValera was still President............

Orla C
If you've never been, then come and live here for a few months first to see if you like it.

Lots of people want to live in Ireland, but Ireland of today is very very different from the Ireland of your great-grandparents' time, dentists make a good living but orthodontists, the fellows that do braces to correct teeth, do even better.

Yes, it's feasible. But not right now, and it is easier if you have EU citizenship. But don't let that put you off. Investigate this, contact the Embassy and ask them.

I don't think you will have any trouble getting work as a dentist. Ireland is always looking for professionals in this sector. I would advice you to take a year out and try it. It will take some time to get used to the way of life out here. Its a very slow pace compared to the USA. Think of it like a cold wet Jamaica. The people a very friendly in general. It is a very expensive place to live. I'm from London, and I have Irish parents. I decided to move to Ireland to give my kids a better life. They love it over here. They have a lot more freedom than they would get in London. Give it a go.

I have seen a lot of ppl like you who want to move in Ireland from US. It's a different world, a culture sock. Firstly visit it and then you can hung up your mind.
Personally I am planing to relocate to the us someday.
Just to mention there is not craig to live, and the ppl are not so friendly as they pretend to be (for what I see travelling all the time they are so unfriendly comparing to all the other countries I've been). BTW I have a lot of American friends, I met them in Ireland and them they all got back to US. They all have been treated so bad and just like me we came across racist comments. The Irish for a reason that I don't know avoid to make friends with foreigners at all. This is the reason I decided to leave. It's not an open minded country. The ppl I cam across were all mean. I have been abused because I am not Irish a couple of times now you as an American I would like to believe you will be fine but instead some Americans I met they still had the same problem, and some of them have been treated like "n...s". Forget about the polite ppl, expect not to say good morning to anyone, get use to live in a prison otherwise don't get there.
The most of the Irish agree with the call "Ireland for the Irish" but as you have an Irish heritage you will find it easier to settle.
I could really see every day racist graphiti outside of my house. No I wasn't living in a bad area. I am not black nor Asian, not even East European worker...
Once I remember I saw someone in the train shouting to a black girl "go home ni..r"... Noone came to say "Shut your mouth idiot". Maybe they agree with this or they believe it's normal or simply they don't even care.
Just check back the history of Ireland. It's a very conservative country and it's very hard to brake their anti-immigrant nationalistic attitude. However they forgot the dificult times when they had to emigrate. But don't worry the time is coming and I would like to see them looking again for jobs abroad. How they really expect to be treated after that?
I was living in a house where I didn't know even the names of my neighbours. If this is what you want?.... Personally I have my worst experience in Ireland and I wouldn't spend even a cent to visit again the cities that look like a big village.
I would say try Scotland, they are really friendly.

? Nor Cal Girl ?
It's very cold, i mean like seattle weather except it never gets warm at all.
it rains and rains and rains.
I dont think it would be a good idea. life is not as good there as it is here.
trust me.

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