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Moving to republic of Ireland - advice please?

I am a uk resident
Im considering an urgent move to the republic of ireand , Im unable to state my reasons but may need to leave urgently soon
I need some advice

I have 2 very young children
Will i beable to recieve housing benefit and other assistance whilst over there?
once settled would i beable to work legally and recieve assitance with child care costs
would i be allowed to rent property and get my oldest child in a school
any other similar advice greatly appreciated]

i am not a criminal nor have i done anything wrong but for my childrens protection and safety have been advised by an MP to leave england soon

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Priscilla Duck
First off, please ignore the braindead people who say that English people aren't welcome here, that is absolute rubbish. There are over 120,000 UK citizens currently residing in Ireland, if there was a problem, you would know about it by now.

Secondly, everything that you are entiltled to in the UK you will be entitled to here. You will just have to get a PPS no. (social security no.) which is a pretty painfree process. Go to for details on this and all other aspects of moving to Ireland.

Thirdly, if your MP is advising you to leave the country, perhaps you should ask him/her for some assistance with the move. The British embassy should be able to put you in touch with a refuge/aid agency that can help you if you or your children are at risk. I have no idea what your circumstances are, but if you are in danger there are people who can help you. Most of the organisations who help with this sort of thing have sister agencies here in Ireland. Get in touch with them, they will also be able to give you advice.

Hi, Once you are an EU citizen you have the same rights as an Irish person. You can claim any benefit you are entitled to. You will be able to rent property, the only checks should be the usual ones! Good luck.

Podge and Rodge Tribute Band
The Military Police have advised you to leave England? Jaysus it must be serious!
Sher come on over anyway, you're very welcome!
You're entitled to everything that we're entitled to in the UK and the social welfare system is better here. (The inspectors and do-gooders don't be breathing down your neck every 5 minutes. Sher we'd be lost without it)

YOU WIll receive rent allowance for housing and with two kids you will have to sign up with the city council for long term housing,you will also get the children's allowance for your kids every month,which is very good here,you will be able to work legally here and you will also qualify for a medical card,for all of ye,which covers the doctor and hospital and are free including any medication prescribed for ye,If you work you will loose all these benefits if you are full time employed,except the children's allowance,that's until they are 18 years old,look up the website for welfare in ireland,Its,[] the children started school in september for this term so you might be lucky to get them in,or you might have to wait till the new term.good luck with the move,check out that website.xx P.S also check out this website for renting all over ireland, and when you find a place ask them do they accept rent allowance,some do some don,t,.hope i have helped somehow.

Orla C
You're an EU national, so by rights you should be able to do all that - but you will have to get your paperwork in order.

I would advise contacting the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland in the UK and asking them.

Misty Blue
Yes to all your questions.My husband's English and is a very popular member of our community so ignore the nonsense about them not being welcome.Ireland has always had a high proportion of Scots and English residents.

If not an Irish citizen, I don't think you will be able to get any benefits. You will be able to get your children into school and you will be able to rent property. Yes, working shouldn't be a big problem.
I'm not very up to date with this kind of thing but I'm just telling you what I'm pretty sure is true.
I hope everything is OK for you.

hi i was in uk and moved to rep of ireland back in march 2006!
We have 4 kids,
we had a job to move with!
I don't think you would be eligable for any benefits!
But check the benefits webpage!
You would be allowed to work, but you need a pps number, and it is a right hassle getting, you and your kids numbers! they also need them so you can claim child benefit! and go to school!
My child benefit took about 8 weeks to come through or more! from when i got our pps numbers!
Jobs are getting harder to find!
There are loads of people out of work as the construction industry has really slowed down!
We live in an upmarket area outside dublin! It costs a lot to live here, but it you have kids the child benefit is better than uk! I get 768 euro per month for 4 kids!

Also under 6 yr olds get an additional 250 euro(it has just gone up a bit and can't remember) per child paid quarterly!
Email me if you want to talk privately!
ALso look up what area you are thinking of on web! Most places have their own websites with lots of info! is a great website that may help!

Cailin Ceilteach
I would consider somewhere other than Ireland as 1 we're in recession and less likely to accept foreign families.
2 as you are not a citizen you will have limited benefits
3 the majority of us aren't thrilled about English people moving here, there is a long way to go before the Irish and English are bosom buddies.
I think you would be best advised to leave England for Scotland

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